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Hatsune Authentic Japanese Restaurant, The Bellevue Manila

Since most of my foodie friends seldom step foot in the South, I made sure I took them to some of the BEST places in my part of town. During our 3-day staycation when I celebrated my just-concluded birthday weekend, HATSUNE AUTHENTIC JAPANESE RESTAURANT was on top of my list. In fact, I was so excited the whole night prior that I got up early, eager to try the freshest & veritable Japanese food in the South.

Hatsune Authentic Japanese Restaurant is the newest restaurant by The Bellevue Manila. When in Alabang, check in at The Bellevue Manila for the best hotel accommodation & finest food in the metro. You’ll get an amazing buffet assortment at Cafe D’Asie, the yummiest Chinese food & dimsum at Phoenix Court, and now adding to Bellevue Manila’s pride & joy -an authentic Japanese resto in the South, Hatsune. Hatsune is handled by Chef HIRO YAMAGUCHI who has worked all over the world & helped set up the japanese station at Spiral in Sofitel, but has decided to take roots in Bellevue Manila’s Hatsune.

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-94

Hatsune Authentic Japanese Restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of the (new) Tower Wing of The Bellevue Manila. Bellevue is, I think, unparalleled when it comes to grandiose & beauty in the South. Everything screams understated elegance. The Bellevue Manila is truly the QUEEN OF THE SOUTH. <3


Hatsune Authentic Japanese Restaurant

2/F Bellevue Hotel, North Bridgeway, Alabang, Muntinlupa (02) 771-8181
the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-11

Hatsune’s interiors is, like all other restaurants in The Bellevue Manila, themed & classic. The moment you set foot under that Japanese arch you are immediately transported to another country.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-03

I was so happy to welcome my new friends RICA & JAMES DE JESUS to Hatsune. Rica, as you very well know, blogs for HEART TO HEART, one of my very few favorites. And having her & James as guests for my birthday lunch is a dream come true. They are the epitome of humility & grace and I just love them so! <3


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-22

Chef Yamaguchi started us off with some maki appetizers to whet our appetites as we waited patiently for the main dishes to arrive at our long table. Of course paired with a round of Cold Ozeki Sake (350 php/jar) for that authentic Japanese meal. :) Spicy Tuna Roll 300 php (sushi roll with spicy tuna coated with sesame seeds) & Ebi Ten Roll 480 php (sushi roll with rbi fry served with chef’s special sauce).


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-21

When in Japan.. (or a Japanese restaurant haha) KAMPAI!!! :)


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-12

This is chef HIRO YAMAGUCHI of Hatsune. He is so very charming, kind & patient as he explained to us the dishes that came one after the other. I love that he visited us in our room & interacted with us. The Japanese are really very kind & very friendly people. I love them! <3 (and I love their food haha!)


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-123

One of the amazing appetizer that is really a work of art. I didn’t know if I was just going to stare at it all day long or eat it. Of course my tummy won. I ate it! :P This is not on the menu & something Chef Yamaguchi specially made for our foodie group. A trio of raw scallop, shrimp & potato salad.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-27

Salmon Sashimi 350 php.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-45

Uni Sashimi 300 php. Kirin Beer 300 php.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-16

Kani Mango Salad 280 php. Crabstick & mango slice salad.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-18

Unagi Sushi (2 pcs.) 480 php.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-19

Uni Sushi (2 pcs.) 300 php.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-99

Really fresh SANSUI deluxe assorted sashimi platter 1,800 php. Ama-ebi, tuna, salmon, uni, lapu-lapu, hamachi, scallop, and hokigai. Next time I’m getting a platter for my own enjoyment. No sharing! :P


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-25

Beef California Roll 720 php.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-47

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-44

Some of the infamous KTG (Kain-Tulog Gang). 3 days & 2 nights of non-stop HARDCORE eating!!! @_@



I was teasing Abet of THE FOOD ALPHABET that he looks like my brother that’s why I have a close affinity to him. Do they look alike? Not so much pala up close haha.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-29

Deep Fried Chicken Karaage 280 php. Fried Chicken.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-28

Kaisen Karaage 350 php. Fresh seafood & julienned vegetables tempura.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-23

Ebi Tempura Moriawase (5 pcs.) 580 php. Prawn Tempura.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-33

Saba Shioyaki 300 php. Grilled Mackerel slightly salted.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-36

Hotategai 980 php. Scallop sauté with vegetables sidings.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-39

Enokidake Itame 250 php. Sauteed winter mushrooms.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-bb

Gyuniku Hoba Yaki 780 php. Grilled beef & vegetables with Dengaku miso sauce wrapped in boba leaf.


the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-48

Coffee Jelly Ice Cream 200 php.

You’d think that with the freshest ingredients & classy interiors you’d pay an arm & a leg to dine at Hatsune. Wrong, very very wrong. I was very impressed with the reasonable price points. We will definitely come back time & again to sample more of what Hatsune has to offer.

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-1

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-3

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-4

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-2

Click on the menu photos above to enlarge.

Thank you so much The Bellevue Manila, Hatsune Authentic Japanese restaurant, Ryan Chan, and Chef Hiro Yamaguchi for the epic Japanese lunch!

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-42

the-bellevue-manila-hatsune-suthentic- japanese-restaurant-99

My japanese-looking kids. Kids. I said JAPANESE. Not Korean. Get your posings right please! :P And as always, they made my Lovey their photographer. @_@ She is always behind the lens haha.

Coined from the French word belle-vue, which means “beautiful view”. The Bellevue Manila opened in January 2003.

Located within a thriving business and commercial district, The Bellevue Manila provides convenient access to key business areas, shopping malls, golf courses and country club, theme parks, dive spots and a host of restaurant and bars. The international and domestic airports and the busting business center of Makati are but a leisurely drive away.

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  • Reply Noel Q.

    Mukhang grabe sa sarap! Kitang-kita ang freshness ng ginamit na ingredients. Inggit ako! =)

    Bonggang-bongga talaga birthday weekend mo, Jane! At alam ko nangangalahati ka pa lang siguro sa mga posts mo about your celebration. =)

    March 4, 2015 at 10:33 am
    • Reply sugargospice

      Hanggang linggo niel wag ka sanang magsawa. :) Mej mahal pero tama ka ibang level ang ingredients saka nasa hotel super nice the ambience.

      March 4, 2015 at 11:36 am
  • Reply mr_jeng

    OH EM GEE! Another reason to go back down south.
    I sooooo love Japanese and the food seems super duper fresh!

    and now I am drooling at 5:30am in the morning!

    March 5, 2015 at 5:34 am
    • Reply sugargospice

      And stay at Acacia bbbear may dream bed sila. Orthopaedic so hindi ka (kayo???) mababalian ng buto kahit pa magpa-sirku-sirko ka (kayo???) *insert evil grin here* HAHAHAHAHA! :P

      March 5, 2015 at 8:54 am
      • Reply mr_jeng

        nyahahahahaha !! mama bear.. i tried acacia before / before so/ … :D :D :D talagang di ako nabalian hahahaha JOKE! HAHAHAHAHAHA

        March 7, 2015 at 3:02 am
        • Reply sugargospice

          Nakuuuuuu talagang bad boy ka naaaaa!! Hindi ka na baby bear!! :P

          March 7, 2015 at 9:03 am

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