Hatch 22

Because ate will be starting the 2nd sem with a new schedule that leaves her with virtually no break at all, or allow her to come home early like before -leaving us opportunities for impromptu dates, I took her to Hatch 22 in Rockwell at her request, for our before-you-go-back-to-school bonding 2 mondays ago. Her schedule is really bad this sem, she has to stay in school until night time & face the rush hour traffic coming home, my poor baby.

My peaches & cream color-coordinated with the Rockwell mall decor haha!

Hatch 22 Cafe & Bakery is at the 2nd floor of Rockwell Powerplant Mall.

Spotted: Erwan Heussaff, one of the owners of Hatch 22, the foodie-blogger who really advocates healthy eating and known as the boyfriend of Anne Curtis, reportedly came up with the menu.


The aircon wasn’t properly working the day we were there. But since they were still on their dry run phase, it was forgivable. Hopefully they do something about the situation because nothing is worse than eating while your sweat glands are on hyperactive mode! :P

Hatch Basket #1 240 php: Butter Brioche, Cheddar Milk Biscuit (ate’s favorite among the 5), Cranberry & Walnut, Dark Molasses Roll, Jalapeno & Cheddar bread (my favorite, the one that looks like fingers) with Citrus Chili Marmalade & Apple Pie Butter. This is a MUST-HAVE when you visit their cafe. The 2nd bread basket offers french goodies (wild sourdough, english muffin, bacon focaccia, french baguette, muffin top with honey butter & pear jelly), while the 3rd concentrates on Pinoy breads (pandesal, dulce de leche, spanish bread, pan de manila, empanada, ensaymada brioche with queso de bola butter & pineapple ricotta)

Blueberry Pancake 290 php. The pancakes were soft & fluffy, not flat. The blueberry jam generously spread. Huge serving. All plus signs! m/

The serving was really big, good for 2 at least. Of course, she didn’t finish her food. :P She took the leftovers home for how many more meals, I’m not quite sure with this little bird!

My South of the Border 420 php. Chorizo & chipotle cheddar, scrambled eggs, flour tortilla, potatoes, black beans, jalapeno salsa, & guacamole. This was EXTREMELY good! <3

See how perfectly baked the egg was. Again, the serving was huge so it’s good for 2 people.

Not Your Ordinary Benedict (NYOB) 385 php. Freshly baked muffins, Portobello mushrooms, eggs, italian ham, and chili orange hollandaise sauce. <3

The waiter passed by carrying this Crispy Corned Beef. Upon seeing this beautiful plating, naturally, we had to go back for LUNCH! FML! :P So many beautiful, yummy food to try GAAAAH!

And come back we did after a 2-hour window shopping, letting our brunch settle first. This is GLUTTONY at its best!

Ate’s Beef Tapsilog 345 php. The meat was tasty, tender & juicy. But the plating really did it’s job. Visual stimulation makes your brain think everything is oh so good! <3

See what I mean?? My Tri Longganisa 320 php. I didn’t particularly like the longganisa choices & I found them really small. Bitin, really. But A+ for the attention to detail & plating. Their egg toping was also cooked in a uniquely beautiful way that makes you not mind the somewhat excessive price for a simple & TINY longganisa mix. ;)

Happy with ALL our BRUNCH & LATE LUNCH food choices. <3

But the winner for the day is this English Trifle 210 php. Hindi maintindihang cake bites, na may walnuts, na may saging at kung anu-ano pa! Basta. Winner siya! <3

I wanted to try ALL their desserts but I wanted to live to see another day. ;P

Ate with her new-found furry friends! :P Ang sarap mag-rockwell!
Must go back on a weekend for the BRONUTS!!!

Dear ate. Don’t worry, we will still have plenty of dates even with your sucky schedule. I can always give you a surprise visit & whisk you away. ;) Don’t be sad na. And Christmas vacay is just how many weeks away. We will be together again 24/7 you’ll be so sick & tired of my face you’d wish it was back to school haha. I love you so much, and thank you for being so diligent with your studies. I promise you it will give you a great future, just be patient for a little while longer sweetness. <3
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