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Ate’s theology homework. It’s time like this that makes parenting so worthwhile -to know that you are doing something right in your child’s life. I love you, ate! Thank you for being the kind of daughter every mother wishes to have! <3

Theology SGA: My Patriarchs (an excerpt)

My parents grew up in a Chinese community, although, I wasn’t raised the traditional Chinese way. They were both belonged to middle class families. It was only after marriage that they decided to move down south. They bought a lot in a suburb, thinking ahead about raising children. At the same time, my grandmother just relocated her job to Las Piñas. They chose our village to obtain distance without being too distant.

My dad’s parents were very old-school and did not show much affection. I think this is why he is how he is with us now– a stern father figure who knows the boundaries of parent and friend. But even though I don’t get to see him as much as my mom, I feel his love and presence in my life. When it comes to making decisions in life, he will be the first to share his wisdom.

One of his greatest influences in my life was teaching me how to adjust. Adjust to people, adjust to places, and adjust to circumstances. Despite the many blessings showered upon my family, he keeps us humble and away from an overly-frivolous lifestyle. Apart from this, he taught me to be open-minded. I came from a tiny school and enclosed myself in it’s four walls. He was the one that taught me to be outgoing and explained to me why having many friends is beneficial. He told me to sow my seed in everyone I meet and to nurture those seeds until they blossom. And when the time comes, all I would have to do is reap.

My mom, on the other hand, grew up with a single parent. Her father was a heart surgeon who died of a heart attack from all the stress that came with his profession. She has one brother she never got along with and this is why I believe she always encourages my siblings and I to put each other first.

As cliche as this sounds, my mom is my best friend. She is not rigid like other moms can be, but she is not loosey-goosey either. She always goes the extra mile to make me smile. My mom has always put us children first and will manipulate anything to be able to please us brats. She is a lioness out to defend me even from the slightest of pain, but she is also a bird watching attentively as she allows me to spread my wings. I tell her everything that goes on in my life and there was never I secret I could keep from her. She would even know who my crush was before I came to realize it. She knows my every move, my every expression, my every thought. It’s even eerie sometimes that we think exactly the same thing and blurt out exactly the same words.

One of her greatest influences in my life is teaching me to be brave. She taught me to keep my head up even in the darkest of hours. She kept me sane through a very rough last year of high school and made me forget all my worries as soon as I saw her loving face.

See, my parents balance each other out. That’s why in turn, I believe we’ve stayed so tight-knit all these years. They’ve provided me with so much more that I can ask for. In return, I hope to someday be able to reimburse the kindness.

As a daughter, I always try my best to make them proud. It’s one of the reason I’ve decided to get into this serious profession that requires much of my time and effort.

I know I’m not perfect. Being a teenager comes with moodiness, wrong decisions, and a bunch of other unwanted things. But, I am trying my best to work on my flaws so that I can please my loving patriarchs to the fullest. I know they will be patient with me through this journey, especially since I am beginning a new chapter in my life as a college student. I am assured my mommy and my daddy will never leave my side.


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  1. Darling you made me cry a river again!!! :) you write so well and I felt every word in my heart. Thank you so much for being the perfect daughter, that’s why it was easy for me to be the kind of mommy I am to you. I love you so very much, I’m sure you know that. And I am just so very proud of the woman you are turning out to be. You are one of the reasons I smile a lot. I will always be your rock, even when there will come a time that I will no longer be around, I will always always be in your heart -loving you & always believing that you can do whatever you set your mind to. I love you my sweetness! Mwah! :-*
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