Happy New Year!

Today’s new year’s message was delivered by the no-nonsense pastor Nate. Click HERE for a video of his message on “New Year or New You!” We also had the Lord’s supper, so we really started our new year right! <3

Prepared (not cooked haha) a filipino food fest for my hungry family..

Gold coins for prosperity hehe..
Chicken BBQ

Giant sugpo <3
Steamed lapu-lapu
Pancit Canton
and the everlasting finger-lockin’ chicken!
(a must when we have my nephews & niece over haha!)
Tiramisu & Cinnabon for dessert.
And a fruit & cheese platter (ok, so it’s not filipino -but hey, sky flakes is! ;P)
Exchange of besos & pleasantries..
grace before our meal…
then ATTACK!!! Ate gets the jumbo-est prawn! <3
We are complete this time!!! I’m VERY happy! <3
What a nice way to celebrate new year!
My babies! <3 <3 <3
The doting lola, peeling off shrimp skin for the apos! ;)
The usual game after a hearty meal.
May all the dreams in your eyes,
All the desires in your heart,
And all the hopes in your life blend together,
And give you the MOST SPECTACULAR new year ever!
Here’s to 2012! Cheers!!! :-*
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