Happy New Year!

2012 has been good to us. New friendships have developed & bloomed. Toxic ties have been severed -and we were finally able to move on. New beginnings, new challenges & opportunities experienced. Ate has transitioned into adulthood surrounded by people who truly love her. I’ve met 3 of my 4 favorite bloggers (YAY!). All in all, I would say that yes, 2012 has been good.

As we prepared to say goodbye to 2012, what better way to do it than with friends who feel more like family day by day.

Jojo & Judith so graciously invited the Super Friends to spend New Year’s Eve in their very spacious, very beautiful home. What’s more, they have a lovely rooftop area where we were able to catch the live fireworks show. Free -courtesy of our generous neighbors hehe.

At the entrance of the lovely Dayrit home.
I wanted to bring home the very handsome toy soldier. 
Festive christmas set up. <3 
Ate Marita’s Shrimp Alfredo 
My not so appetizing looking baked salmon. :(
Wala yata sa mood yung cook ko hehe.
Ate Marita’s chopped BBQ salad..
and peppermint cookies. Ate nga talaga sya! <3
chatty ladies! ;))
Hindi nauubusan ng kwentuhan haha.
and even more kwentuhan! :P 
While their tito Jojo slaved away bbq-ing our very juicy, very tender steak. 
Mga pang-gulo! :P
Ate Marita & Judith takes over the helm.. Of course I let them hehe.
Ako naman ang photographer noh! ;))
Judith’s Caviar Pie/Dip 
Jojo’s pet kois. 
Finally. ATTACK MODE! m/
With our honorary family members.. Mamita & Direk Trina Dayrit! (woohoo!) 
My happy meal! <3
Happy New Year greetings from the YOUNG ONCE.. 
and the YOUNG ONES! ;)

May your new year be blessed with peace, love and joy.
Sending you my heartfelt wishes, with joy that never ends.
Wishing you a very happy & prosperous New Year…

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