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Kap & I had to go to a meeting in QC some weeks ago, which happened to be along the way of the kids’ school. Since they get off late anyway, we asked if they wanted to meet up so we could have dinner out. They always have long days in school so we weren’t sure if they were up to it. Sometimes when they get home, they just shower, eat quietly, then head for the sack. My poor babies.



The kids had a bit of a wait but I’m really glad they were able to meet up as I wanted to introduce them to my aunt & uncle whom I haven’t seen in 20 years. Thank you babies for being such good sports & waiting as we concluded our meeting. <3

Since it was a holiday the next day & they could sleep in, the 2 older ones agreed to meet up with us for a simple dinner before heading home together.

They are always out of the house now that even when I’m with them, I miss them still. Do you know that feeling? Parang time with them is never enough, it’s always bitin. Yuh, I’m super clingy. :P I long for the days when they don’t have to go to school anymore. But then again, work replaces school. So it’s a never ending cycle.

Anyway, because we just splurged on a high-end dinner at Spiral that same week, Kap mandated that we eat somewhere budgeted this time around. It’s always the company naman that matters & the kids don’t care as long as we’re together. So we tried a low key asian-fusion restaurant called Happy Lulu Kitchen in the area. Bagay na bagay for the happy GOppets. ;)

Happy Lulu

19 Ubay Street, Quezon City, Philippines (02) 712 3933 ; 0999 562 6888


Happy Lulu Kitchen has a big parking lot beside it. So parking doesn’t pose as a problem for customers. There is also a side entrance by way from the parking area.


It’s quite a bender getting to Happy Lulu Kitchen. Tago sya.





Deep in thought. Ang umorder ay di biro! ;)



Sizzling Oyster 200 php. Saucy sizzling oysters & tausi. My favorite that night.



Chopsuey 150 php. I don’t know what had gotten into Ate. It’s not her usual staple. She ordered this but snubbed it when it came to our table. :P Not in photo, our Garlic Kangkong 150 php which was better appreciated.



Toyo-mansi Chicken 200 php. Fried chicken marinated in toyo-mansi topped with garlic. Value for money & tasty too. GOppets approved. :)



Beef Brisket 240 php. The beef was tender. If you like saucy then this dish is for you.



Grilled Squid 200 php.



Yang Chow Fried Rice 120 php; Garlic Fried Rice 100 php. There’s also a Happy Lulu Rice, I wonder what that’s like.



Banana Chocnut Turon 95 php. The only dessert available that night. Lychee was out, boo. But the kids loved this chocnut version.



Hello from the Happy GOppets. <3

If you like home-cooked food after a long tiring day, then Happy Lulu Kitchen hits the spot. Nothing special for you to seek it out all the way in QC if you’re not in the area, to be honest. But then again, there are days that you just want something regular, something familiar. So if you’re in QC & needing of a good food & cheap eats, then Happy Lulu will certainly make you happy. :) Heck, with our bill, Happy Lulu made Kap happy! :P Abot langit ang ngiti nya.

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