Happy House Warming!

Yesterday, we attended the house warming party of a dear family in Laguna.  This cute couple & their daughter are just sooooo nice, warm & lovable, and it shows! -Their party was jam-packed! :)

Their beautiful balinese inspired newly-built house! <3

Their new home, which they painstakingly supervised from start to finish, is really a product of blood, sweat and tears! Upon entering, you will know that they really threw everything they had into building this beautiful house. Their basement boasts of a gym & spa for the lady of the house who is so fit & buff she could pass for a model! :) The bedrooms are so luxurious you feel like you’re in a hotel room. Their kitchen has state of the art equipment (which according to them is only for show since Ton hardly cooks, haha!)

Living room..
The accent chairs are eco-friendly & made by Cobonpue using recycled wood..
Dining room..
Dining table by Kenneth Cobonpue <3
Luxurious guest bedroom with balcony overlooking the serene neighborhood.
Another KC furniture, a Voyage bed which their little princess enjoys. <3
The backdrop has a cherry-blossom inspired mural which is truly a work of art!
Girlie pink bathroom truly fit for a princess! :)
The master’s bedroom..
and bathroom. Passionate red.. hmmnnn!!! ;))
This is the spa where I hope Ton will  hold a “sparty” soon, hahaha! ;P

The spa’s see-through bathroom! ;)
A refreshing shower after a hard workout in their gym, which is connecting the spa.
Notice how meticulously every single detail was planned out.. <3
In the den, with the lovely couple Mar & Ton (in the middle)
Hay sayang! Their yaya clearly doesn’t know how to focus! :P

Congratulations Mar, Ton & Alexis! You deserve everything good & beautiful that comes your way because you are such good, kind-hearted people! May you have many more happy memories in your new home! <3

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