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Holiday Greetings from The Uniform Unicorn!

There’s no one else in this world who knows me better than my family. They don’t see just the superficial but what lies beneath. My readers have been asking me to have my girls guest blog, so I asked my Lovey to be my 11th Angel of Christmas. Of course they have to be a part of my christmas project. Here she shares her fondest christmas memories & how we spend Christmas in our humble home. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did. <3

Most of you know my mom as Sugar and Spice, the Blogger. But what you don’t know is how Sugar and Spice is as a mom inside our home.

She always does her best to make not just Christmas but basically every occasion so fun and exciting for us her children. A couple of years back when we still believed in Santa, she would have our yayas put our gifts on the roof of our house just so we’d think that Santa really came to visit. Yes I repeat, the ROOF! She always went to great lengths to make things fun & believable for us.
And she always makes sure that the gifts we receive for christmas are extraordinary. Even if she had to buy them online. I remember one time I was into food toys & she couldn’t find any in the stores here. When I opened my gifts on christmas morning, I had a bunch of assorted food toys that she ordered from Amazon & had them shipped here. To this day I have those as keepsakes.
Because we don’t have relatives, we don’t usually receive a lot of presents. So she always makes up for it & makes sure that we have one coming from each member of the family, even one from our dog. Our tree is small but it always looks so happy because of all the gifts she prepares for us. And she doesn’t do it just for her kids. She’s like Mrs. Santa, always wrapping & providing gifts for everyone she loves. As early as October, she would buy & stock things she thinks will be nice for giving. She also makes sure that even our household helpers have gifts to open on christmas.
It’s sometimes a problem for her to buy us christmas gifts because everyday seems like one already & she runs out of stuff to give us. She spoils us like crazy & would buy us things big or small even when there are no occasions. Now that we are bigger & more selective when it comes to clothes, she makes us choose our gifts instead when it’s near christmastime & she stores them in this big sack under the tree for us to open on christmas day. It’s still a surprise because we always forget what we bought & only remember when we open our sacks again on christmas morning.
Our noche buenas are always simple. It’s just pandesal, ham & queso de bola. We don’t go out to eat because it’s always crowded. But christmas is always made memorable in spite of that because of the fanfare & production number my mom makes for us.
I really do have the best mommy! And I am thankful for her everyday <3 Thank you mommy so much for treating us like royals every single day <3 not just CHRISTmas! :) xx
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