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Holiday Greetings from The Pickiest Eater!

Today’s 2nd Angel of Christmas really looks like an angel what with his cherubic, happy face! :) I always look forward to reading his posts because it is an extension of his happy self. Of course I can’t deny the DROOL factor as well as I read food post after food post of gastronomic delights.

I’m taking about Richie Zamora of THE PICKIEST EATER. Although he proclaims he’s not picky at all & would eat anything & everything in sight. I can relate! Which is why he’s one of my favorite food bloggers! ;) Him being so nice is just a plus factor.

I hope you enjoy his exclusive post as much as I did! <3

Thank you so much Richie, for squeezing me in, I know you have a very tight schedule. I really appreciate the effort, TIME, and love you put into this guest post. I thoroughly enjoyed every word (happy sigh) AND FOOD PIC (drool)! And as always, you put a big smile on my face as I was reading your very humorous, yet at the same time, touching story.

Merry Christmas to you, Rina, and baby Rain. See you guys soon!!! <3

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Twitter: @TheRealRichieZ

I’ve always believed that having family to spend Christmas with, is one of life’s greatest blessings. After getting married, I was doubly blessed because not only did I have my family that I could spend the holidays with, but now I had Rina’s as well.. And BOTH families LOVE to eat!!

Married couples know that splitting the holidays isn’t always easy, but thankfully, Rina and I find a way to make it work. We usually spend the early evening of December 24 with Rina’s family at her Aunt’s house at Marcos Highway, and by around 10, we drive to my parents place in Antipolo. It’s fortunate that both places aren’t too far apart, because Baby Rain’s presence is very much in demand with both families.

My mom doesn’t like food being catered.. As she prefers to have everything homemade – with the exception of the Paella that her sister makes, because it still feels like home. My mom purchased a huge Ribeye slab, and had my sister rub it with different herbs, giving us hotel style quality steaks for Christmas!

Other dishes she loves to make, is her Christmas ham, with the pineapple sauce..

Fish Fillet baked in Olive Oil and Roasted Garlic..

And her barbeque is stuff of legends!

My sister makes the most amazing candied sweet potatoes! :)

Last year, Rina and I spent part of the holidays with her side at Tagaytay Highlands, and we were blown away with their Prime Rib Steaks!

Me, I got the sampler platter hehe..

My favorite Christmas story that my mom loves to tell up me and my brother growing up…

I don’t know if you’d believe this.. But… I was a little bit of a naughty boy growing up. Hehe.. By the time I was in the 6th grade, I had long known the truth about Santa Claus, but my mom told me to play along because my brother, Ryan, still believed in him. (Hey, don’t judge me.. Would YOU say no to free toys and comic books? Hehe..) My two sisters, Raquel and Rose, who were older than me, stopped getting gifts from Santa Claus because they were already in high school. Worried that the exemption would soon apply to me as well, I knew I had to take action to prolong my time of receiving stacks of gifts from Santa Claus on Christmas morning. Not only that, I also realized that it was only a matter of time that my brother would figure the whole Santa Claus ruse.

I told my brother, “Whenever you have a question about Santa Claus, let ME know first ok? Don’t talk to mom about it. She’ll just get mad.” I then convinced my mom that for as long as my brother believes in Santa Claus and gets gifts, it would be best that I get them as well.. Just for appearances sake.

Around August of the following year, my brother asked me the truth about Santa Claus, and I admitted to him the sad truth. He kinda had figured it out already, so it wasn’t really a big shock to him. It was only when I told him that from here on end, we both will be under the “Santa Claus exemption” that his heartbreak sunk in. So, me being me.. I said, “Unless…”

Much to my delight, he was totally on board with keeping his discovery between the two of us, for the sake of milking out the Santa Claus presents for a couple of more years. By September, my mom asked our Santa Claus letters, as she usually does. My brother and I furiously scribbled on our pads our long list, and dutifully handed it to our mom. I even told him to add a “P.S. Please say hello to Mrs. Claus and Rudolph for me!” at the end, for a little added cuteness/Even though we had agreed which toys we would ask to our respective lists, I noticed that my brother’s list was noticeably longer than mine, but thought nothing of it.

Later that evening, my mom called us to her room. Inside, she and my two sisters were there, and she did not look pleased at all. She looked at Ryan and said, “So, I guess you know the truth about Santa Claus?”. My mom is a tiny woman, but she always knew how to instill fear in our hearts with the tone of her voice, so he instantly caved. He said, “Yes but Richie told me not to tell you!” (Thanks a lot, bro). After a few seconds of looking angry, she and my sisters burst out into laughter.

My brother and I were both confused at what was going on. Apparently, it was because of my brother’s letter. Of course, if we no longer believed in Santa Claus, there was nothing she could do about it.. It’s part of life. But it was our efforts in prolonging the Santa gifts that they found hilarious.

My over-excited brother wrote to “Santa” saying, I want the G.I. Joe toy. Its costs P200 and you can buy it at Nova Fontana at Greenhills, second floor Shopesville. When you enter Shopesville, turn right at the….etc”.

He put the toy’s price and directions to the exact location where you can find it. So yeah, our “ruse” didn’t last very long.

Now, my life is dedicated to making every Christmas memorable for both, Rina and Rain. I’m really so excited to see what each year will bring us, and though we don’t exactly have everything we want in life, I’m blessed to say that I have everything we need. It is important to know that, and at the same time, appreciate it.

When I was 20 years old, I told myself that by the time I get to this age, I would be the wealthiest man in the world. During Christmas last year, I remembered that conversation I had with myself. I didn’t even need to take a quick/depressing look into my bank account to know that I wasn’t anywhere near that goal.

I sighed, and imagined my past self appearing before me and asking me for a status update. Did I fulfill that goal? Did I live up to his expectations?

I closed my eyes and the first thing that popped into my mind, were images of my amazing wife, and beautiful daughter. The moments we shared together. Times that we laughed, and times that we cried.



I smiled at Richie of the past ,and with all the confidence in the world, said to him, “Mission Accomplished.’”

I am truly honored to be a part of Jane’s 12 Angels of Christmas project (Clearly the term “Angel” is subjective hehe). I have always had an affinity for blogs that are unafraid to be about more than just a specific category. My favorite blogs are the ones that allow you to make a connection with the blogger, where you feel you’re hearing a story of a good friend and not just a mere spectator.

SugarGoSpice takes it a bit further, and makes you feel like you’re part of the family.

May you and your family continue to be blessed, Jane :)

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

This post is brought to you by:

Thank you so much JAMFOODS & CO. and MICHELLE for sponsoring my 2st Day of Christmas Blog Giveaway, and for the generous gift you have extended to my 2nd Angel of Christmas, THE PICKIEST EATER. I’m sure Richie will enjoy the 2 packs of assorted jamfoods products you will be sending him! :)

But before we end, here’s a special shout out to Richie’s wife, Rina & their uber cute baby girl Rain! :)

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