Happy Hearts Day!

They say that “You can always tell how a man will treat his wife by the way he treats his mother”. So by that standard, I can relatively say that I will live a long & happy life with my hunny & be treated well! ;P

He is the perfect son. He is the only son/child -period. So I had to share him for valentine’s day with his mother (among other days!!!), since FIL passed away 2 years ago.

Not that I want to admit it to him, but valentines day worked out quite nicely for me actually, even though my hunny spent the 1st half of the day with MIL…

1.) Because very early in the morning, I got these from my bestest friend, Marina..

She’s ever so sweet & thoughtful.
And I didn’t even get to give her anything.. :(
Heart-shaped doughnuts, my kind of purrfect!!! <3

2.) Because my hunny knew how I would react to sharing him (as ALWAYS), look at what I got, teehee! <3

FLOWERS!!!!! A dozen to boot! <3 OMG!!!! ;))
Buti nalang there’s no card that says :the THREE of us together” @_@
“sorry wala ako gift sayo (kasi kinuha mo na”
hahaha!!! Yes, kumupit kasi ako!!!! ;))

3.) Had 3 successive valentines dates!!! m/


Ate was sick with the worst case of sniffles, so I was able to persuade her to stay home. Picked up Lavinia on the way to our lunch date (coz she will definitely kill us if we deliberately leave her out! @_@) at the newly opened Bulgogi Brothers. 

SURPRISE!!! Mommy’s here!!! ;))

Too bad both ate‘s & my taste buds weren’t working haha.. we can differentiate the taste between spicy, salty, sour, or sweet. But that’s the extent of it! :( So I really can’t tell you if the food is good! But everybody seemed to be having a great time so I’m assuming it’s worth the price –and it is pricey! ;P

Complimentary welcome food. I loved the spiciness of it! <3
Complimentary welcome food
Had I known there was going to be so much freebies, I wouldn’t have ordered so much appetizers! :P
Dubu (tofu) Steak – 6 pcs. 245php
Mandu (gyoza) – 6 pcs. 450php
Kimchi JJigae (spicy soup) 395php
So good for out nasty colds!
Sogogi Japchae 350php
Unyang Style – 6 pcs 595php
My baby loves to cook! <3
Refillable iced tea 110php
Heart-shaped burger patties. Too soft, almost slimy :P
Their only available dessert.. melon flavored ice cream 75php


My babyson, the romeo in his class ;) opted to stay in school for lunch because he gave away roses to his girl classmates.

So we had a separate date! :P I haven’t even digested my lunch yet & off we were for snacks at UCC…

My Cliffhanger sandwich 289php

and super expensive coffee! :((
UCC decaff 169php

His Penne Arrabiata 419php
and Mango Crepe 229php
My baby son loves mangoes! <3
With my cutie-patootie! <3 <3 <3

Good thing I walked that morning haha.. or my arteries would have clogged up with all those rich food! @_@ And look at what I chanced upon as I was walking… I WANT A DOG!!!!!!

Sooooooo cuteeeee!!! <3
awwwww.. jinia’s boyfriend!!! I miss Jinia!!!!! :'((

The Carvery had an eat-all-you-can steak promo at 888 nett. And we are such suckers for promos + eat-all-you-can!!! @_@ So my hunny & I had our valentine’s date at The Carvery instead of Buffet 101. We’ll reserve that for my birthday on Monday!!! <3

My happy hunny, giving the thumbs-up sign! :)
complementary Soup of the day, which of course I couldn’t taste haha!
complementary Black wheat bread
Eat-all-you-can steak! <3
My hunny had 4 servings of these! I had 3, hahaha!
We were so stuffed that we wanted to just lie there & sleep! ;P
And I’m not the only one who got a valentine, mind you!!! ;))

Ate got a valentine from her good friend Justin!
He was so sweet to come & surprise her. <3
With best guy bud, Justin! :)
And even our cook got a valentine from her DADA
which she shared with us, so nice!!! <3
Of course, I also had a valentine for my hunny & my mummy…

For my beloved Hunny! <3
For my dearest Mumsy! <3
Hope you guys had a wonderful valentine’s day too! :-*

* Dinner & doggie photos taken with an iPhone.. can you spot the difference?

Finally got my OWN iphone, my birthday gift to myself, ha! ;)
Been coveting it for as long as I can remember, but my kids come first, so I had to patiently wait for my turn. After 2 years, I finally have one of my own, yayyyyyy!!! <3 Can you tell which one is whose??? ;))
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  • Reply OC in the South

    Are you sick? :( get well soon! What a great <3 day celebration! I'm dying to try bulgogi bros!!!

    February 15, 2012 at 10:20 am
  • Reply Shaws

    Nabusog ako dun ah :)

    February 16, 2012 at 1:07 am
  • Reply Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

    haha yes but just the usual colds and cough, it's that season again sigh! hey, i so envy your macau date, so sosi naman, international date pa haha. Btw, hope ur sister gets out of the woods soon. Love u rica! :-*

    February 16, 2012 at 1:20 am
  • Reply Sugar, Spice & Everything Nice

    hahaha oo nga sharon grabe yan ang definition ng gluttony talaga omg! :P

    February 16, 2012 at 1:21 am
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