Happy Girls & Happy Monk

For the longest time, my Lovey has been bugging me for a second ear piercing. Her actually, more than her ate. Of course, having been a teenager once myself, I fully understood her fascination. I also begged my mom before for a second ear piercing during high school but she wouldn’t allow, so I got hold of her ear gun similar to the one below when she was away one day & punched a hole on my lobe. Admittedly somewhat askew, but problem solved nevertheless. I hid my ears with my hair & she never knew the difference. Yeah, I’m such a bada$$ that way, rebel Jane! :P Buti nalang my girls are not as experimental & as adventurous as me. Maloloka ako kung nagkataon! :P

I went through everything as a teenager. Smoking, drinking, sneaking out. Name it, except for pot & dangerous drugs, I tried it. Even driving, my mom was just one day surprised to find out I already knew how to drive & had a license. Nilakad ko talaga ang avenida at recto to get to the A-1 driving school. Looking back now, I shudder with my hubris. I’m just thankful my guardian angel kept me safe from harm & danger and nothing bad happened to me!

Which is why as a mom now, I try to keep an open mind & not be too strict with my kids. I KNOW what it’s like living with a strict & conventional parent. I want them to know that I’m their best bud & they can tell and ask me anything without shame or judgement. I’d rather they do their experimenting with me than with other people. Or worse, sneak off & do things which may be harmful to them & detrimental to their health. But thank goodness they don’t seem to want to experiment that extensively. Mabuti naman! Maybe reverse psychology DOES work! ;P

Because I want to be as supportive as I can –within means of course, I took them to their Pedia the other day to make sure everything was sterile & safe. I don’t want some hippie piercing their ear with a dirty needle & potato! Anyway, it’s just ear piercing, I mean what harm can an extra hole do, right? Worst case? You’d need to get them extra earrings, lels. I mean it’s just a teeny tiny hole. Mine closed up as soon as I stopped wearing an extra earring. Not a big deal. Really. I’ll even support small tattoos & belly piercing –huwag lang sa eyebrows , tongue & nipple please! @_@ Giyera patani na yan!


Their tita Abi was so patient & nice. <3 Explaining every step of the way. Even though my kids are big na, I still bring them to the Pedia kasi mas may pasensya haha.

It’s like she’s been wearing it forever! ;)

My Lovey had a thicker earlobe so mas maga.

They were so brave & didn’t even flinch! ;) Ako pa yung mas ninerbyos.
But before their adventure, I took the girls out to lunch in this New Hole in the Wall resto along Tirona Street in BF Paranaque recommended by a mommy friend. Ate just came from her half day class so I didn’t want her fainting on me in the Pedia’s office! ;)) Between the 2, ate is the scaredy cat haha. My Lovey would watch scary movies with me & try everything. Si ate ang medyo chicken. Even driving, she doesn’t want. ;))

The Happy Monk is along Tirona, just beside Rapide. You won’t miss it.

Happy Monk offers 40% discount on dimsum orders from 3-5 pm.

See how my girls take such great care of me? Walang turo yan, promise. They just do it on their own wherever we go. Ate mixes my soy sauce the way I like it, while my Lovey wiped my soda can & poured it for me. How can I no be delighted with these babies of mine? They just love me so, I’m so blessed! <3

Tada.. I’m ready to eat! ;)

Japanese SIomai 90 php

Seafood Roll 90 php

My O.C. ate patiently takes out the oil in her dipping sauce! ;))

Bean Curd Roll 85 php

Pork & Shrimp Siomai 85 php

Steamed Chicken Rice 185 php

Fish Fillet Congee 155 php

Beef Brisket Noodle 175 php

Braised Pork Belly Rice 235 php

Admittedly, I wasn’t very impressed with their dimsum. The congee also lacked in taste. But we really liked their rice toppings. Especially mine, the pork was tender. But best of all, our bill amounted to just 1k for everything that we ordered. Kap would HIGHLY approve! ;)
Oh, and how do you like my new hair? I really want to grow it but it just doesn’t want to cooperate & goes every which way. I got fed up & had it chopped! I think it’s really meant to be short & spunky. Sigh. Bye girly dreams of a Rapunzel hair!

Vicky tries to tame my hair! ;)

Tada! Short & Spunky.

Powder & Lipstick care of my sweet girls who always gift me with nice surprises now & then. They are just SO sweet & thoughtful! <3

So, until tomorrow then! Toodles. ;)
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