Happy Days Are Here Again!

How cool is it to have full-time access to a resort that’s practically next-door? ;) Year-round, the Superfriends, Inc. would hang out at the Buensalidas. The kids love it there. Heck, WE love it there. Never ending food supply & non-stop fun!

For us, last night marked the official start of summer (read: more frequent hang-outs) at the B’s! ;) The kids saw this at a toy store & immediately thought of buying & bringing it to “our” resort ASAP, haha!

Slip & Slide, less than 1k. But the water bill??? Sky high! :P
The always have so much fun together! <3
There’s definitely bromance between these 2! :)
I’m so happy my babyson found a brother & bff in Jino.
He’s always surrounded by too many girls as it is.
Heart throb x2. LAGOT! ;))
Ate also gives it a try.
Then my Lovey. <3
Their friendships are in batches. Nakakatuwa!

And look what also made an appearance last night.. si mermaid tail. Uso na naman siya! ;P

The kids LOVE hopping on over to their tita & tito’s resort. They can do whatever they want! The poor helpers are probably secretly groaning whenever they see our faces approaching the house, LELs. Extra work for them! :P

How time flies. My babies are now all college girls!!! m/
Well.. except for these 3.
Beauties, don’t you agree? :)
Nakaka-inggit naman. I’ll try the jacuzzi one of these days. Hmp! 
Flower Power!
The best part? CHOW TIME! Their tita Marita spoils them waaaay too much!!!
Shrimp salad.. 
Roast chicken..
Tada.. Chicken Wrap. Yummy & Healthy.. and also gone in 60 seconds! @_@ 

Yep. Happy days are DEFINITELY here again! :P

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