Happy Birthday To Me!

My ever dearest readers! :) Thank you so so SOOOOO much for all your greetings. I loved them all & I was really overwhelmed with all your encouragement, love & support. Thank you thank you from the bottom of my heart! <3

1) noelle (noelle.filoteo@gmail.com)
2) hazeleaf (sheila.opulencia@gmail.com)
3) egvista (egsvista22@hotmail.com)
4) joy (dekirudake.arashi@gmail.com)
5) thekitchengoddess (yorutsuyomi@gmail.com)

erika (Erika)
january (Elna)
iceneelia (Candice)
ellawella (Ella)
xoxomrsmartinez (wow, starstruck! Thank you, Michelle! :-*)
christmas (Chris)
jeng (Jeng)

and to all the personal emails you guys sent. <3

The kids & I were really thinking hard about my Birthday Give-away. I was adamant that I wanted a “meet & greet” although of course, I’m far from a popular rock star -again, hindi po ako sikat!. :)) But I really want to meet as much of you as I can sooner or later. One big problem was I know most of you are working, so it was really suntok sa buwan when I finally decided on the day & time. It was the best I could do without crossing any of the kids’ schedules. I am first & foremost, a mommy. :P

Frankly, I was quite surprised there were still some who joined.. at least hindi naman ako napahiya kahit papaano, haha! ;))

But before I tell you who the winner is, let me share with you what I did on my very special day. :) It’s really nothing over the top. Being a weekday, we can’t really do anything exciting. The kids have to wake up so early. But what’s important is that we celebrated my birthday together & I was surrounded by the people I love the most.

Woke up to this beautiful GIANT cupcake by my lovely friend SHAWIE who really brightened my day with her beautiful & yummy creation!! <3

I started my day in tears!
Tears of joy for feeling so loved & special! :)

Then THIS waited for me on my vanity as I went to the bathroom to prepare for my day.
The kids are really sooooo SWEET!!! <3
They never fail to let me feel how loved, special, and cherished I am! <3 <3 <3

Of course, more tears pour in. As in MORE! ;))

Ate, being so creative & artistic, made me this beautiful flipbook. <3
Not to be outdone is my babyson. :)
Every little gesture from him is a BIGGIE for me because he is not the showy type.
and of course.. more sweetness from my baby girl.
I am her world. and I love it. <3

For lunch, my kapitan K treated me to a lovely birthday lunch in Escolta at The Pen. One of my favorite buffet places. Not too much variety, but enough to keep me happy & satisfied. <3

I just love the ambience of Manila Pen’s lobby, and their cheerful bellhops handsomely dressed like white tin soldiers .
My 1st happy plate! <3
I love love love their succulent cocktail shrimps & the giant mussels. Their sushi selection is so fresh! <3 
My 2nd happy plate! <3
The roasted chicken was really tasty. The pork belly skin was sooooo crunchy it made me smile with every munch. The lapu lapu was a bit over cooked but fresh & wonderful nontheless. The crab shell filling was a disappointment though, but the calamares more than made up for it’s lackluster taste. 
I was really feeling the pressure in my tummy already with my 2 full plates.
So I just stole some mouthfuls of the mongolian yumminess from my hunny bun’s plate teehee.
I’m glad he didn’t mind me sharing his food.
I also stole a bite of his medium well steak. (not shown) Oh so heavenly, but I’m afraid my stomach can only hold so much! @_@

But of course, full or not, I can never let my cheeseses pass! @_@
I made a mistake of asking for 3 varieties of nuts to be included in my mango crepe.
I so did not like the outcome.
Next time I’ll make sure to keep it light & simple.
Thank goodness for cups of cappuccinos in between meals to keep the suya at bay! <3
My handsome date! <3
and lookee!!! <3
How sweet!!! This is why Manila Peninsula remains to be one of my top favorites! 
I wish I may, I wish I might, have the wish I wish tonight.
For dinner, my hunnybun asked our cook to make me MISUA for long life. Always a staple in every chinese home haha. He invited my mom over to complete my happiness. Sigh, what a beautiful day. <3
Misua for long life! :)
succulent Peking duck
juicy Roasted Asado
With my mommy! <3
and my plenty of cakes!!!
The red velvet giant cupcake given by Shawie remains to be my favorite! <3 <3 <3
But that’s not all. :) Ate & the 2 munchkins are giving me not ONE, but TWO birthday parties this friday. Of course that’s reserved for another day.. another post.. :)
So without further ado.. congratulations hazeleaf (sheila.opulencia@gmail.com)! :) I’m so looking forward to our date next monday. I just know we’ll have lots of fun & chika. See you on the 25th at 3 p.m. I shall be contacting you regarding other details via email! :-*

Thank you again everyone, for all your well wishes. It was truly an amazing birthday! <3

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