Happy Birthday Tasha!

Our late night happenings started last thursday, actually. Tasha & her family moved to a bigger house, and she chose the SUPERFRIENDS to be their very first guests! m/

It was a super kaduper late birthday celebration. Her actual birthday was in August, but they were busy moving so it kept getting delayed. What a celebration it was! She treated us to a fantabulous japanese feast! <3

Tasha hired chef Nards Nuela for the day, 0916-3545963
2k & he is your slave! ;))
Just look at what he singlehandedly prepared after doing the marketing rounds with Tasha the whole morning.. 
California Maki
Salmon Sashimi
Crab salad 
Beef Teppan
Tonkatsu. I think this was my favorite! He really got this one right. <3
Yasai Itame
Japanese Fried Rice
Chef in action! ;)
Light, fluffy prawn tempura.
He definitely made it to my contacts list! m/
I highly recommend him. 

The birthday girl on the right with our ate Marita! <3
Tasha looks a bit like Pilar Pilapil in her younger days don’t cha think?

It was a timely celebration too as the SUPERFRIENDS haven’t been hanging out as much lately. All are busy busy busy bees! :P

We missed & enjoyed each other’s company too much that she invited us over again yesterday after dinner at the newly opened CHICKEN & BEER at Molito.

The oldies took over the ping pong table while the kids cheered for their respective dads haha! ;))

Bulls eye on her first try! m/
You go, ate! <3
The Misons have an archery area that got the kids really excited. :)

So, another late nighter for moi & company. I swear, I am staying home today, not move an inch, and get a whole body massage. I truly feel that I deserve it! :P

Thank you so much our Mison family for having us over & over and for feeding us ’til we burst! <3  Looking forward to many more ping pong nights at your new digs! Mwah! :-*

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