Happy Birthday, my Babyson!

Boys are easy.. they don’t require grand gestures. Not like girls where it really takes great imagination & big-time effort to make them feel ultra special. Boys? Just give them footwear (and food!) & they are happy, hehe!

Such is my babyson who turned 15 yesterday -time flies so fast. He shies away from pomp & pageantry and doesn’t like it when I fuss & make a big production. Kinahihiya ako! :P Pa-macho effect kasi.

It seems like just yesterday when you were in our arms, my babyson!! :'((

My very own china doll! ;)) 
You’ll always be mommy’s little boy no matter how tall you get to be & how old.
I will always love you & care for you & worry about you ALL THE TIME!!! <3

But I’m glad he still allows me to hold his hand in public. And when I call him my “babyson” in front of his friends, teehee! He is also carinoso at home & lays down beside me on the bed to cuddle when we’re watching tv (shhhhh that’s our secret!). He will always be momma’s boy! <3

Couldn’t have done much for him anyway even if I wanted too. School & all. :( I’m sure he won’t appreciate it if I went with balloons & petals hehe. Swag downgrade much! Good thing they were half day yesterday so I was able to buy him nalang his favorite lunch & cake..

Omakase Deluxe Party Platter (small) 1,550 php
His favorite chocolate mousse from Mary Grace.
550 php
I love you SOOOOOOO much, my babyson!! <3
Awwwww moment from his sisters! <3
I love how they just LOVE each other!!

They had a musical at Insular so right after lunch, I had to take the 2 young ones there for general rehearsal before the show.

Suuuuperrr traffic!!!
Ratio was 1 kid to a car yata that day, grabe!!
Full parking pa! :((
Guess where we were seated!!
Si Kapitan K pa???
Way. Up. High. Near the sky!!!
Syempre, the cheapest tickets in the world, hay! @_@ 
Sabagay, extra lang naman sila hehe.. 

Big production number..
Parents palang ang guests, puno na haha. Kumita na naman ang school sa amin, hay! :P
1k per ticket!
We were only able to celebrate last night after the musical. Where else? Our favorite & most accessible dimsum place -Phoenix Court! :P
peechure-peechure while waiting for our food! ;))
Pinag-biyak na pwet talaga! ;)) 
We got the 850 php choice this time, which included hot dishes on top of the dimsum.
You can choose ANY & ALL of the above as long as you can finish it.
I recommend you get the SMALLEST portion so you can try all (if you can -I challenge you!) !!!
I only took pictures of the hot dishes since I know you’re probably sick & tired of my repeated dimsum photos from my old posts haha!
This is the SMALLEST portion k. So MAKE SURE your stomach can handle your orders –bawal ang left-overs!! ;P 
Kailan Vegetable (included in the 650 php menu)
Roasted Honey Pork (Asado)
Big, thick & juicy!! <3
Look at our table. Overflowing with FOOD!!! <3
Good thing we were all so hungry by the time the musical ended at 8. 
Steamed Dory with Soya Sauce 
Birthday/E-fu Noodles (also included in the 650 php menu if you opt not to go with the 850 php choice)
Could be better..
Crispy Chicken with Lemon Sauce. YUMMERS! m/
Complementary birthday cake (so make sure you ASK!!) :) 
Awwwww.. blush moment! ;))
With people who mean the most to me.
How blessed am I??
Thank you so much, my Lord God!! <3

Happy happy birthday, my ever dearest babyson! <3 You have grown to be such a good, kind, intelligent young man. I am overflowing with pride for the kind of person that you are becoming. God is so good to bless me with a son like you, I really couldn’t ask for more. You are such a loving & caring son, a wonderful & supportive brother, a great friend, a brilliant student, and such a cool person that if you weren’t my son I’d make you my best buddeh & hang with you all the time! m/

I love you so much!! <3 I will always worry about you so please bear with your old mum if I keep close tabs on you. You guys are my world.. gotta take great care of my world! ;)
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