Happy Birthday my Baby! (Part 1)

My Lavinia is now officially a TEENAGER! </3 Ergo, I am also officially OLD.. and babyless. Boo! :(

Now mind you, 13 is a BIG number.. almost as important as turning 18! ;) 13 signifies the transition from a tween -to a certified TEEN!

Since it is the kids’ exam week, I couldn’t do a really BIG act for my Lovey’s birthday. I can’t make it a big affair on her actual birthday coz they have 4 tests each tomorrow & they need to study. So the next best thing was to make her 13th birthday somewhat memorable & different from her past birthdays. I thought of getting a clown, but then again, my Lavinia has a fear of clowns & mimes! @_@ So I became the “clown” & forced my hunny bunny & ate to get in on the game.

We went to school armed with 13 balloons, 13 flowers, a cake with 13 candles.. dressed as Snow White, Prince Charming, and Dopey. In lieu of the clown hehe.

Good thing they were “game”! :)

SURPRISE, baby!!! <3
Her smile was priceless. Made my heart melt!
13 candles took too long to light.
She had to make do with one haha.

With some of her classmates..

and of course her kuya. <3

I hope you had a nice surprise, my baby! I promise we’ll make a big production number this saturday. I love you so so SO much. You make me happy every moment of every day -thank you. My life became complete when you came into my life.

Simple lunch at my mom’s before going back to the dungeon to study! :(

PS: Look! What a great surprise from ate Marita who just came back from the states.. what a happy birthday this is turning out to be for my Lovey. We HEART twinkies!! <3

Twinkies is L-O-V-E!!! <3

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