Happy Birthday, Kyle!

I can’t remember the last time we attended a kiddie birthday party! Our own babies are all grown up, and most of our friends’ children are all grown up too.. comes with our age group! :P So it was refreshing to attend a kiddie party the other day for what you call a last minute baby! ;))
I just LOVE this attention to details! <3
Leah did a good mommy job!
With the very cute & young-looking, very bubbly mommy and the ever helpful & ever gracious kuya Paolo. <3 
Dapper was the theme, so naturally Leah provided cute bow-ties to the men whom she KNEW will not come as requested haha! :P
And she was right too! Mga naka-shorts lang ang daddies. Hay! @_@
The very festive ballroom of Palms Country Club.
The ever-present photo booth, which of course we took advantage of. Repeatedly haha!!!
Camwhores!!! ;))
Kyle’s Candy Corner 
And the not-to-be-missed Loot Bag table!!! <3
What the kids LIVE for.
A last minute baby is what I fondly call babies made after the age of 40 haha (although I think Leah is only NEARING 40). It seems to be the trend nowadays. I know of people who, after a considerable length of time, and with grown kids, suddenly “forget” to take the necessary precautions thinking they’re “safe” na, only to find a (beautiful) surprise 9 months later. :)

Don’t get me wrong. If the “bank” was still open for me I’d definitely go for it too! I love the smell of brand new babies. And how they make you feel that you’re the center of their universe, all clingy & cuddly. Too bad I can’t have any now, especially as my own kids are starting to have lives of their own. Thank goodness for Jela! ;P

Jojo & Leah were so gracious to invite us to little Kyle’s 1st birthday party even though we didn’t have age-appropriate kids to bring to the occasion haha.

The “dapper” dads! ;P My hunnybun & Jojo.
Kap’s wednesday tennis buds.
The nibblers before the main meal..
I LOVE “STREET” FOOD!!! <3 <3 <3
My gals. Eileen & Leah. I just love these 2 gorgeous ladies to death!!! <3
and yay!! I finally got to me the lovely Cai who reads my blog but never comments haha.
Hi, Cai!! :-*
The yummy spread.. 
My happy plate 1! ;) 
My happy plate 2! ;)
Gosh, the games the host played made me feel so OLD! @_@ Used to be, I can answer all disney trivia thrown my way. Now, I get confused which disney song belongs to s specific tale. Yes, I’m THAT old now, sigh.
Even the oldies weren’t spared from the games..
(It was name the 70’s song & singer for us. Kuya namaaaannnnnn!!! @_@)
Which earned Gerard’s boy, Zion, A table full of prizes to bring home! <3 
I think this was my favorite part of the show. The host was HILARIOUS!!!
He kept even us oldies in stitches with his crazy antics! ;P
Happy happy birthday, Kyle!!!
Lotsa love to you, on this special day.
May these moments of smiles & joy grow year after year.
Here’s wishing you, dear cute & cuddly baby, a 1-derful birthday!!!
We Love you, Kyle!!! <3

But wait! You might be wondering where my kids were, this was, after all a kiddie party, LELs. They were in yet another party celebrating Sophie’s birthday. Syempre, superfriends yan eh. ;)

Happy Birthday! You’re now thirteen,
You’ve arrived at a special age,Choices and plans, what will you be,A doctor or nurse, a teacher or sage?
It’s quite okay if you don’t know,
More important it is, to live each day,Take each challenge one step at a time,Learn and enjoy, your work and play.
Live each moment, do all things well,
What’s inside you, are things that last.At home, at school, wherever you are,Thanks be to God, you’re growing fast,
Life goes quickly, it’s a great gift,
God grant you wisdom to reach your quest,In his sight you are most precious,God help you do your very best.
May true friends come, they are a blessing,
Choose them wisely, this is our prayer,Everyone fails at one time or other,God bless your steps with friends that care.
Keep close to God, He is your help,
Ever faithful, your truest friend.Follow his light leading to heavenTo enjoy his reward, life without end.
Happy Birthday! and many thanks,
That God has blessed you in many ways,We pray he bless you all through the years,And guide and guard you all your days.

We love you, Sophie!! <3

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