Happy Birthday, Judith

Judith, who must have been a mermaid in another lifetime, celebrated her 50th birthday in Anilao Batangas -that’s how much she loves the beach. And she was so sweet to invite The Clan for her weekend celebration.

The beauteous Judith who does not look 50 at all! <3
She & hubby Jojo rented Kapit Balai, a private beachfront property owned by CAREWELL co-founder & director Bobbit Suntay. He only rents it out to friends, good thing he is Jojo’s client so we were able to stay in his beautiful beachfront vacation house.

Such tranquility…
(Photo from Carewell website)

Owner Robert “Bobbit” Suntay is an underwater videographer.
He has been featured on websites, travel and leisure, and news programs.

Bobbit and Jackie’s touching love story was cut short by the latter’s illness.
Jackie died of ovarian cancer at the prime age of 36, nine years after they were married.

Incorporated in 2005, the Cancer Resource and Wellness (Carewell) Community is a nonprofit foundation that provides support, education, and hope to persons with cancer and their loved ones. Carewell was envisioned by the late Jessica “Jackie” Fernandez-Suntay, and her husband, Robert “Bobbit” Suntay. Their commitment to establishing Carewell was inspired by their experiences at The Wellness Community (TWC)

This is our 2nd time in anilao in a span of just over a month! @_@ the kids are really enjoying the snorkeling experience, and I’m afraid they would never go back to a non-diving beach. They have already developed an affinity with the tropical fishes!
They never tire of feeding & playing with the fishies.
And even though I’m not a fan of the sea,
I too went in for a dip!
And where the water is, so are kuya Rolly’s boat -and toys!


Hotdog & Big Berta makes an appearance as well.
The house Judith rented was really nice. I wouldn’t mind going to the beach if the house we get is as nice as this & with the lovely, breezy view of the ocean. All night long, and is spite of the aircon, we could hear the relaxing waves as it hits the shore..
The balcony on the 2nd floor which overlooks the ocean.
You can doze off here as you gaze at the tranquil & picturesque view.
With the kids is the birthday girl. <3
From the balcony is the living room.
I have to warn you that aside from the air-conditioning, there’s no modern amenities here such as tv, radio, or wifi.
When you come here, you have to be prepared to become one with nature.
That, or bring friends to keep you entertained! :)

Just inside is the living room & up those steps is the spacious loft where ALL the kids stayed.
Yes, ALL.
You can imagine what a ruckus they made all night long! :P
(Below the loft are the 2 bedrooms)

Air conditioned loft where all the kids stayed.

Upon reaching the landing to the 2nd floor, a bedroom greets you.
This is where we stayed.
Because the loft was directly above, the ceiling of the 2 bedrooms below were low,
and only a futon was furnished in each room instead of a regular bed.
(Bring sheets & pillows)
Large bathroom.
Aside from the tub, there is also a shower beside it.
Downstairs is a shower too so you don’t tread sand & water in. 
It’s also where the spacious dining room is. 
They only allow 8-10 guests per stay.
But you can see that we have obviously maximized the capacity & squished like sardines in a can! ;)) 
15 kids, 10 adults. (not to mention the helpers & yayas)
Sheesh! We are an army. ;))
There’s a hammock near the dining area which my babyson took advantage of.
He fell, I would love to have a taken a picture of that teehee!
Judith wasn’t the only mermaid captured that day! ;) Here’s the princess mermaid who I’m definitely keeping. <3
My Lavinia’s mermaid tail has certainly gotten a lot of use & exposure haha!
As usual, when we are with the Clan, we always have so much fun & eat ourselves to bloatedness! ;) It seems that all we do is eat, laugh, talk & frolic. I just love this family!
‘Til our next adventure (Tasha’s birthday!) ;)
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