Happy Birthday, Honey! (part 1)

It’s my hunny’s 43rd birthday celebration!!! <3 My hunny, if you know him, is exactly my opposite! He is simple to my flashy, haha! The kunat to my pagka-gastadora! So I was surprised when he agreed to have a small party to celebrate his birthday!
And he has so many friends (to my mabibilang-sa-daliri friends ;P)! He has his high school friends.. his college friends.. his regular friends (who don’t belong to any particular circle).. his basketball friends.. his badminton friends.. But the ones he is closest to are his tennis buddies –kaya nga I’m a golf tennis widow! ;P
So I suggested he have a small dinner get-together at home for his tennis buds & their wives (so I can also social climb, mwahaha!!!)
Here are some pictures for part 1 of his birthday celebration!!! <3
The one thing that I will always be thankful to God for is
for giving me my best friend! <3 <3 <3
Yay! With my new tablecloths & plates.
I can have parties all the time now! m/
Country’s Chicken with the famous spicy sauce..
Fresh Lumpia..
My pig bread with BEKON (glorified bacon! ;P)
Steamed Fish..
Walang kamatayang PATATIM!!!
Cua Pao for the patatim & mustasa..
and the MUSTASA!
Dessert plates
and.. ATTACK!!!
We had a photobooth courtesy of my beautiful ate!!! <3
We are such CAMWHORES!!! We decided to infect our guests, hahaha!!

We had a birthday game.. Question & Answer portion! :)
It’s amazing how you can be husband & wife for so long and yet not know small ordinary details!
Nagkaka-bukuhan na! Nagkaka-cheatingan pa! ;))

My 10 questions were so simple, and yet nobody got a perfect score!!!

1.) Wife’s favorite color 2.) Husband’s shoe size 3.) wife’s waistline 4.) husband’s weight 5.) 1st date, exact place 6.) wife’s favorite food 7.) husband’s favorite dessert 8.) anniversary as a couple (GF/BF) 9.) theme song.. and last, the TIE-BRAKER!!! Maintringa!!! ;)) 10.) Name of husband’s very 1st girlfriend! I swear, we all had gas from too much laughter!!!
Out of the 5 couples who joined, the Dayrits won!!! :) The prize? My little piggy bread of course. He is, after all (& next to me) the star of the party haha!

The Dayrits with their prize! ;))
Then, the cake-blowing, with matching KISS of course! <3

Got this from DULCELIN. 980 for the big size, 650 for the smaller size. 324 Cadena de Amor, Tel no. 8091842. Super yummy!!! Perfect as gift, sure to be appreciated & guaranteed to be wiped out in seconds! <3

Then, on to more cam-whoring! ;))

How nice that our guests were all so game! :)
The guys took so long choosing their wigs & whatnots!
Mas maarte pa sa girls, hahaha! :P
The wacky boys! m/
Happy happy birthday, my hunny bunny!!! I love you so much & I pray that God will give you good health & long life. For what is my life without you??? <3 <3 <3
PS – Thank you to my Lavinia for helping me with the preparations the whole day, and of course to ate who made the party so fun with her photo booth! Love you!!! :-*

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