Happy Birthday, Friendship!

Sheila is my super friendship. We may not see each other very often, but when we do, it’s like we just saw each other yesterday! :) I am so blessed to have girl friends whom I really really love.. and LIKE! :) I’m very choosy with my friends & only keep a handful. But the handful I have are really the cream of the crop. All so very kind, generous, and simply wonderful! <3

With my gorgeous friend, Sheila.
Ugh! My camera is naghihingalo naaaa!!! This picture is soooo GRAINY!!! :'((
Nasayang ang beauty namin ni Friendship!!! </3
The handsome men in our lives. <3

Sheila celebrated her 45th birthday last night at Circles, & of course my hunny bun & I were just a few of her very select guests. Because she has such a winning personality, she attracts people like bees to honey. She is so popular that to be counted as one of her close friends is such an honor.

She got a special private room for all her friends who wished her a very happy birthday last night.
My 1st happy plate! :P
My 2nd happy plate! :P
My 3rd happy plate! :P
And last but not the least, my 4th happy plate! :P
At this point, tucking my tummy in for my CRUSH who was in the same room as me was pointless!
Of course, breathing was a necessity. And believe me, after those 4 plates, I thought that was it -KAPUT! @_@
Oh buffet.. what you do to me!!!

I made sure I would look nice last night, because Sheila is very personable & presentable. And her guests are all fashionable as well..

My friendship with her ever loving & ever supportive husband, Noy. <3
Have you spotted my CRUSH??? <3

And do you really wanna know why I took special care of my appearance last night?? ;P It’s because I knew my (secret) boyfriend will be there!!! The Gabby to my Sharon nyehehe! ;))

The Triangle! ;))
REEL.. Gabby (and Shawie)
yes.. nalaglag talaga ang granny panty ko sa ka-gwapuhan nya.
and REAL! <3
My one true love forever & ever!
Ang pinaka-gwapong lalaki sa buong mundo para sa akin! ;))

But of course, Gabby will forever be my first love. And first love never dies, haha! :P

Happy happy birthday, my super friendship! Thank you for loving me & my family. For always being there for us. For your never ending support. I love you!!! <3

Some are vibrant, admired for their strength.
While others are delicate whispers of color whose gentleness has a special place in our hearts.
We meet so many different kinds of friends in the garden of life.
And I’m so grateful for the color, joy & beauty you have added to mine.
I hope you have great birthday today, my friendship!
I love you! <3
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