Happy Birthday Franny!

It’s my dear Franny’s birthday today. Yes, FC (feeling close) ako sa kanya haha, bakit ba! :P I call her my bff at ipinagpipilitan ko talaga ang sarili ko sa kanya! #certified_social_climber ;))

Since Franny is in Singapore now, and it’s her first birthday there, I wanted to send her a birthday surprise. I searched & searched & searched on what to give someone who already has everything in life, a wonderful supportive husband, ME, a popular blog, ME, a new & exciting life in singapore, ME (you get my drift?).. etc. etc. ;)

Takot na ako sa flowers. I’ve read so many scary stories about ordering supposedly beautiful, fresh flowers online only to find out from the recipient later on that what they received were wilted flowers instead of the ones in the picture that you ordered. (Read Jin’s post about wilted flowers HERE)

So I thought BALLOONS!!! Balloons are guaranteed to make just about anyone SMILE! :) But not just any balloon, mind you. It has to be a special balloon, with a matching special cake. Just for my dear frannywanny. <3

After googling for quite some time on singapore balloon deliveries, I finally chanced upon this site. Looks legit, so pinanindigan ko na talaga!

Singapore Florist Since 1987

Singapore florist providing flower delivery in Singapore. Trusted florist that ensures flowers sent on time, 24 X7. Select from complete range of flowers, gifts, hampers from our online catalog. Online flower delivery services avaialble. 

Flower Ordering Hotline: (65) 6383 4234
Franny is all about fun. So I thought of getting her a balloon that suits her bubbly personality! <3
and a fun cake as well. It is her birthday, after all. Dapat erribody happy! <3
Sana naman masarap.

I specifically asked them to have these items delivered on her exact birthday, June 1. Morning-ish. So my balloon will brighten her whole day, as if it’s not bright enough already with Paul right beside her! ;)

I received an email update the other day from the company notifying me of the request for the change of delivery date. I was quite impressed with their thoroughness & professionalism. Most companies just do what they want after they get your payment & don’t bother to get in touch with the customer, but this one really stayed & connected with me ’til the very end. I will surely patronize their store again. I also highly recommend them for your gifting & delivery needs. They have a wide array of choices for all occasions.

Tonight, I received a text message from my Franny Wanny! <3 She got my package!!! m/ I’m just so happy that I was able to let her feel how important she is to me & how I value her friendship…

My dear Franny,

May your special day be surrounded with happiness,
filled with laughter,
wrapped with pleasure,
brightened with fun,
blessed with love,
remembered with joy,
and enriched with hopes.
Happy happy brithday!!

Love, Jane <3

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