Happy Birthday, Cio!

It’s Rocio’s birthday today!!! :) Cio is one of my lovey’s BFFs in school, & she turned 12 today! <3 My lavinia asked me to buy 12 cupcakes with 12 candles for Cio’s 12th birthday. I love how she thought of doing that for her friend, shows how generous & loving she is.. kinda like me, mwahaha!!! LOL-jk ;))

However, since I had a limited time frame between buying cupcakes & getting to her school in time for lunch, I just had to settle for a mini cake BUT with pizza for everyone! :) The store that sells cupcakes opens at 11, my lavinia has lunch at 11:30, so I either have to be super woman or a demi-god who can stop time –of which I’m neither. So mini cake it is! :P

Hope Cio was surprised…

3 boxes of pizza for my 3 hungry kids.
Their school doesn’t allow boxes/plastic to be thrown in the premise, so I had
to transfer the 2 older kids’ pizza into tupperwares. Sigh so many RULES!! @_@
Thought there would only be 5 girls.. should have bought a bigger cake! @_@
Turns out their group has grown haha!
The girls in their scouting uniform..
Happy birthday, Cio! :-*
Eating in their cafeteria. Nomnomnom!! ;)
With Cio, one of my lovey’s 3 bffs! <3
Of course Ate gets a pizza box too.. and a love letter full of kisses & bilin from me because her class was going to Bayanan elementary for their weekly outreach (off lotion, stay together, pee first, don’t touch anything, etc!!!) <3
My babyson with his thugs.. I think 1 pizza box is kulang hahaha! :P

Time to pick them up… Happy birthday again Cio! Hope you were surprised! :-*

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