Happy Birthday, Bella!

Seeing that her kuya & ate each had their end-of-the-school-year house parties at our humble abode, my Lovey asked if she could have one as well. Plus a sleep-over. She’s never had a sleep-over, so she was really excited to experience one. And, I owed her, for not letting her go to camp in school.

Kuya’s house party: Wow napaligiran ng puro chicks si babyson! :P
The rest of the peeps were inside playing what else.. BEER PONG! @_@
Then ate had her end of the school year hangout & sleepover..
Also with matching beer pong! @_@

My Lovey’s scheduled house party also coincided with her good friend Bella’s 13th birthday. So everything fell into place. Together with her bff Maxine, they’ve been planning a surprise birthday party cum sleepover since last week & told their friends of “The Plan”. Everyone was excited.

Actually, their “plan” got a bit dampened because when they told another girl of the surprise they intended- even inviting her to be a part of it, she decided to jump a “surprise” of her own 2 days ahead & 2 days straight! @_@ Ikaw na! ;P

Anyway, the 2 girls still went ahead with their plans yesterday. It is, after all, for a dear friend..

What is with Justin Beiber & little girls???
Everyone wants to be his Mrs.! @_@
Hard at work..
Pile of gifts for Bella.. <3
Their tita faye arranged the table to make it more girly-girly.
Masyado daw pang-mashonda ang table set up ko haha..
What’s in the loot bag! ;) Made in Candy. Yay!! m/
The girls waiting.. and waiting.. until finally.. 
Bella’s lovely mom.. with yummy assortment of ALMON MARINA sandwiches. Hurrah!!! <3 
All together now. The celebrant with the “clowns”! ;))
The cookie game begins.. 
The object is to get the cookie to the mouth as fast as they can. :))
The opening of gifts is always a favorite..
But you already know what’s MY favorite, right? EATING, of course!!! ;)
I love how each sandwich is a surprise! <3
It’s like a box of chocolates, you never know what’s inside until you eat it. :P
But these little girls don’t get excited with food.. 
They got more excited with what’s inside the goody bag! :P
Made in Candy for every one!! m/
Happy 13th birthday, Bella!!! <3
You are so loved by each of your friends! :-*
And most especially by these two, I tell ya! ;)
Another best part FOR ME.. the slicing of the cake.  I finally get to EAT IT!!! Woohoo!! <3
Chocolate yummy goodness. I DIE!!! @_@
Another friend finally caught up. Making it a total of 8 giggly little girls come dinner time!!! :)
And you know, being 13 is a serious business! ;)
It means you get to stay up late & go to starbucks  & drink fraps like a dalaga! ;P
Ayan.. ang kinalabasan? Mga puyat na dalaga! ;))

But waitttt!!! Guess who also wants to greet Bella a very happy 13th birthday..

Happy Birthday, from the bottom of my heart, girl! -Love, Justin Beiber! <3
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