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Happy 17th Birthday my Babyson (Part 2)

Because mommy made a complete booboo in the choice of restaurant for the birthday boy, we made sure to have a repeat to make up for the horrible choice in food that very same weekend. Mommys aren’t perfect you know, we also make mistakes. Hindi lang halata (o ayaw magpahalata) ! ;P

We have taken to the BGC cinemas because of the superb facilities & posh ambience, so we had dinner at the somewhat nearby YOREE KOREAN BARBEQUE DINING after watching HORRIBLE BOSSES.

We invited the 2 lolas to come along & join in on the fun. It’s not often that they get to venture far from home so birthday celebrations are rare opportunities that we get to spend time with them apart from the usual visits we make.

There was a good sizeable crowd when we got there at around 7PM so I’m thankful for the forethought of making a reservation for our group of 7. Yoree may be quite on the high end of the Korean food business, but you are guaranteed good food, good service, and nice surroundings. It’s not your usual hole in the wall Korean resto so expect to shell out a wee bit more for your comfort & enjoyment.

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Yoree Korean Barbeque Dining

Forum South Global, 7th Avenue corner Federation Drive, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig (02) 357-0796

The usual banchan. The spicy kimchi remains to be my favorite & I kept asking our server for more. :)


With the 2 lolas. I was happy to be able to take them along our birthday boy’s celebration. <3


Getting ready to BARBEQUE!!! I love wrapping my meats in those green leafy veggies beautifully presented.


Kap & I loved this GYERAN JJIM 130 php the last time we visited Yoree, so I made sure to order several bowls for the kids & lolas to try as well.


Not to be forgotten is a Korean staple, the JAP CHAE 200 php.


We also tried this GWANJA GUI (scallops) 300 php for the first time. I must say, the price is quite reasonable considering the scallops were the fresh & succulent kind.


Our assorted meats of SAMPYUPSAL (pork) 380 php, DAK GALBI (chicken) 350 php, and WOO SAMGYUP (beef) 320 php. We ordered around 3 platters each for our group of 7. But then again, we are heavy eaters. :P Around 2 would be sufficient for say the same number in a group.




This is how I eat my meats. YUMMY!!! <3 I love the carrot stick for that crunch. I can never have enough of these lumpia babies!


I’m glad we were able to book a big table for 7 seeing the resto was really full on a Sunday night.


My babyson isn’t fond of sweets, he’s like his dad, so I didn’t buy a birthday cake anymore. The girls are on a diet & it will just be too much temptation for me seeing I’ll be the only one wanting it! :P We were grateful for this compli PAT BING SU 170 php. Delicious shaved ice with sweetened adzuki (red bean), mango, and candied pecans.


Our baby boy isn’t a baby anymore. He’s a fully grown man at 17. I miss my baby boy! Where did the time go?


Yeah, he doesn’t like being kissed anymore (at least by us, lels). But I still do. Coz he will forever be my baby. <3


HECKIMJA ICE CREAM (Black Sesame Ice Cream) 160 php. I didn’t think I’d like it so I was quite surprised when I did. There was an added texture to the ice cream which I found enjoyable.

What I have learned in my 45 years. Life should always be dealt with second chances. Even a third, fourth, and fifth. There is always room for mistakes, and we learn from it. We fall, but we do our best to get right back up and make it right. And that is one lesson I hope my babyson remembers as he faces the many challenges & roadblocks ahead.

I love you always & forever babyson. Hope you had a good one! <3

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