Happy Birthday Angela!

Angela celebrated her coming out party at the Jade Pavillion of the Blue Leaf Events Pavillion last night..

My beautiful children, all decked out. <3
Head to toe outfits by topshop/topman.

Venue Rental

  • Five (5) hours use of venue
  • Two (2) hours ingress
  • One (1) hour egress
  • Air-conditioning system
  • Stage
  • Pavilion Projector and screen (3,500 lumens LCD projector, 8ft. x 8ft. screen)
  • Pavilion sound system (Delta 6 speakers, 1 equalizer, 3 amplifiers, 1 mixer with 6 inputs, 2 microphones, and media player)
  • Parking space
  • Caterer’s area
  • Pavilion Lounge (adjacent to the venue)
  • Security Staff support
  • Engineering staff support
  • Maintenance staff support
Rates: (valid from January 1 to December 31, 2013)
Banyan Pavilion Silk Pavilion Jade Pavilion Banyan and Jade Pavilions
Capacity: 300 guests Capacity: 250 guests Capacity: 200 guests Capacity: 500 guests
Php 150,000 Php 140,000 Php 130,000 Php 260,000
And when I say rental. I mean purely rental. BARE. No decoration, nothing.
Iba pa ang bayad sa decoration. At sa pagkain!
Other Charges
  • Additional hours: Php 5,000/pavilion/hour
  • Dedicated Technical: Php 1,000/event
  • Generator Sets: 60KVA – Php 9,000 | 90KVA – Php 10,000 | 150KVA – Php 15,000
  • Early Ingress: Php 20,000
  • 100 Ampere Breaker: Php 6,000
  • 5,000 lumnes projector and 9 x 12 ft. screen: Php 5,000
  • LED Par Lights/Mood Lighting: Php 6,000
  • Photo Booth: Php 9,000
  • Full Ceiling Drapes with crystals: Php 15,000
  • Lighted Lanterns: Php 5,000
  • Fully Lighted Dance Floor: Php 25,000 (16 ft x 16 ft)
  • Lounge Sets: Php 7,000/set
For reservations, contact our Events Department at +63 2 898.BLUE or +63 2 844.BLUE

Yes. That’s for venue rental alone. Iba pa ang sa pagkain. Sigh.. what we shell out for our daughters! ;P I’m glad ate is done with hers. Medyo nakalbo ako doon! And I’m still paying for it, just look at my thinning hair in the pictures below! ;))

See? Mataas na ang hairline namin ni Kap! ;P
My dress by Criselda Lontok.

Angela was soooo lovely in her 2 outfits. There were no dry eyes amongst the ladies as she came out each time..

With Nico, the wonderful dance choreographer! :) 
In her lovely gown by PLUMA.

Food was catered by Hizon’s..

My plate. Nag-labo labo na! ;P
My not-too-happy dessert plate! ;P
Our kids, dressed to the nines! ;) 
My 2 older kids were part of the program. Of course, proud momma moment again ang peg ko! <3
Because Kap & I can’t really speak in public, we asked these 2 to speak in our behalf as Treasure Presenters haha.. Buti pumayag!!! @_@

Dearest Angela.
Sorry, but we really have stage fright.
We don’t speak in public.
Even in Jana’s coming out party we didn’t give a speech.
So I hope you won’t mind if Jana speaks in our behalf.
Happy 18th birthday, beautiful girl.
You are the epitome of a daughter any parent would be so proud of.
You are beautiful, you are smart.
You have ambition, and you have the drive.
We can only foresee beautiful things ahead of you.
Your parents have done a wonderful job raising you.
Not only do you have a good head on your shoulders, but you have a big heart as well.
A great combination for your chosen career.
We wish you all things beautiful in life.
We wish you courage & determination, and we wish you compassion as well, as you make your way into becoming a great doctor.
You have a long way to go, but with your supportive parents behind you every step of the way, what could possibly go wrong?
Happy happy 18th birthday, our dear beautiful Angela.
We love you, and we will always be here for you!

Part of the 18 dance.. The superfriends, kids edition, haha! :)
Dancing to Beauty & the Beat. 
And the dance finale..
I can’t help myself. ANG GUWAPO TALAGA NG BABYSON KO!!! (swoon!!!)
The 18 roses presenters. 
Ate is part of the 18 candles/wishes..

Dearest Angela,

You came at a time when I needed a friend the most. For that, I will always be thankful to you. I will forever cherish our friendship. And even though we don’t get to spend as much time now like we used to, I know deep in my heart that I can always count on you, just like you can always count on me. “Just call my name, and I’ll be there”. ;)

I don’t know what else to wish for a girl who already has everything. You have the looks, you have the smarts, you have the means. I know you will go far, and succeed in your chosen career because I see the drive in you eyes. I look at you & I see a girl who has the world in her cup of her hands.

3 years from now, I know we will be in Med school together, reaching for our dreams. 4 more years after that, I can see us side by side graduating from medicine & making our ambition a reality. Another 4 years after that, I see us working hand in hand, not only colleagues in the medical field, but best friends still. Your family will be my family, and my family will be yours.

I believe in fate. And I believe that you came at the time when I needed you most. And just as you have always been there for me, I will always be here for you. Happy happy 18th birthday, Anj! <3

Love, Jana 

The 18 candles/wishes. All lovely! <3
Your birthday is the perfect time, to wish you nothing less than favorite memories, plans, and dreams that bring you happiness!
The superfriends, KIDS edition! <3
The lovely BUENSALIDA family! <3

Party time. EVERYONE, of course, joins in..

Patay tayo diyan!

Happy happy birthday, Angela. We love you!!! <3

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