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Happy Anniversary!

Today you celebrate your 1st anniversary. How time flies! It was just a year ago that you met & fell in love. I know him well, so I knew it was serious then as it is serious now. Those little tell-tale signs, a mother knows too well. :)

Thank you for making him happy. Thank you for making him inspired. Thank you for making him want to be the best that he can be -for you.

Some may say that I should be sad -being second fiddle now. And yet, I am happy. Because I know someone else aside from me loves him deeply, someone else cares for him truly. How can I be sad? How can I be selfish when I see how much you make him happy?  <3

I too found my love at 16. I understand young love sweet love. He became my best friend, he is my soul mate. He is my life. And now, I am at a stage in my life where I can confidently give you these unsolicited advice from years & years of experience. I am teaching you both the shortcut to happiness & happy ever after.



1.) Remember, there will always be a kontrabida. For what is a bida without one. And believe me, in life there will always be a kontrabida. So take it as a challenge. Don’t be disheartened, don’t be dismayed. These are just little road blocks. If you know how to get around it, you will get to the other side unscathed. In the end, it will ultimately be the two of you. Be each other’s ally.

2.) Learn to swallow your pride. I have discovered that one gains nothing from it. You will save yourselves a lot of heartache & tears with a little, singular word.. SORRY. And mean it. It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or who’s right. What’s important is the peace that you keep. Remember, one catches more flies with honey than vinegar.

3.) Love is hard work. Being in a relationship isn’t like lying on a bed of roses. There will be jealousies, there will be doubts. But if you have faith in each other, nothing & no one can separate you from your love. Vow to be true to each other for as long as you are willing, for as long as you are committed.

4.) Keep your silence. When we are hurt, our automatic response is to lash back & hurt the other. Don’t. Let your anger pass. Words cut deeper than physical wounds. What you say can never be unsaid. And it will always be remembered. Always let love prevail. Youth is a hard adversary, but learn to tame the tongue. Never speak in anger. If you must fight, be constructive. Learn from your mistakes & grow from it.

5.) Be loyal & faithful. Temptation will always be in front of you. If you know in your heart that he is yours & you are his, then forever is a state that you have to work on. Stay away from anything & anyone who can hurt & damage your relationship. A rotten apple to a hungry person will always be food. So learn when to stay away & who to avoid.


6.) Listen to your parents, we mean well. You may think you know everything. You don’t. We are here to guide you. Pabalik na kami, papunta palang kayo. If you are in deep trouble or misunderstanding, never hesitate to ask us for help or advice. There will always be a choice. There will always be a way. Nothing in life is impossible if you put your heart & mind to it.

7.) You have a long way to go. Enjoy your youth. Love each other, but also live apart from each other. Give each other room to grow. You’ll be better for it. Being confined brings forth resentment, so give each other freedom to pursue individual interests and find friends not common to both of you. Leave room for little secrets, a little mystery is good for the heart & soul.

8.) Communication is the key. Always talk about your thoughts & feelings. Never second guess each other. You are not mind readers. If there is anything at all bothering both of you, lay it out & work on it. Never say “nothing” when there is obviously “something”. Like a wound it will fester & ultimately destroy what you have.

9.) Be independent. Don’t live in each other’s shadow. Pursue your dreams. Be each other’s cheerleader. Encourage & support each other with your goals & dreams.

10.) Learn to re-invent yourself & change (for the better) with the modern times. There will come a time that a couple will outgrow each other. People change. One will look back and wonder, “Who are you again? And why am I supposed to love you?” Make sure you don’t get left behind. Constantly improve yourselves & be interesting.


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You both still have a long way to go. One year down, many more to follow. If we made it to 28 & counting, I know that you can make it too! <3 True love is worth the work it entails. Keep inspiring each other, keep loving each other, and keep believing in each other.

Happy 1st anniversary. I wish you a lifetime of happy anniversaries. I love you both! :-*

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