Happy ACTUAL Birthday, Mommy!

It’s my mom’s actual birthday today, so I decided to spend the day with her.

Got up extra early to sit with her through the service & program that the school heads & teachers have prepared for her special day.

I can’t believe it’s been 36 years already!!!
Some teachers prepared a song number

and gave gifts.. :)
Short word of thanks
With some of the department heads.
Konting handa..
Walang kakupas-kupas na spaghetti! ;))
at more pansit pa rin, ever!!! ;P
PINK puto!!! <3

And just when I thought I had all the pansit I can get.
Guess what we had waiting back at her home!
Well at least this is superrrr long life!!! ;))
Contis Mango Bravo. Yum!!! <3
Happy happy birthday Mommy!!!
I love you!!! <3 <3 <3
Lunchtime blowing of candle..
Dinnertime blowing of candle… ;)
Oooohhhhhh!!! And look at my loot from her pile of gifts hehehe!!! She gave it to me wholeheartedly ha!!! I didn’t ask for it!!! Thank you Monchee-love, in behalf of my Mom, mwahaha!!! ;))
On another note.. What’s happening with GLEE??? @_@
What’s with the pink hair & nose ring, Quinn??? @_@
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