Happy 82nd Birthday, Mommy!

Looking at my mom, you wouldn’t think she is an octogenarian. She moves so swiftly & quickly, and she’s still sharp as a nail too. Nothing can get past her, I swear. She still does the groceries & runs her businesses like she was half her age.  And she meets her problems head on like a bull, never backing down, always keeping her faith that God will see her through. Amazing, this woman, I tell you. The strongest, bravest, and most courageous lady I’ve ever known. <3

With her eldest apo, who is always so sweet & loving to my mom. <3 He always showers her with affection and sticks to her side whenever they are together. He’s such a good boy.

So for her to reach 82 in that blessed state is definitely a cause for celebration! m/

It’s very rare for our little family to be complete. Logistics & other stuff, I won’t bore you with details. ;) So yesterday, the mood was really light & festive as we gathered to celebrate the life of the VIP (very important parent) that is mom. I’m glad that she had at least one day of unadulterated happiness with her grandkids and all her troubles were temporarily put on hold.

My sister in law treated us all to a celebratory birthday lunch at Choi Palace in Eastwood.

Of course, nag-OOTD my 2 beautiful girls! ;)

The birthday menu. Was so excited to see Abalone & crabs! ;)

A little side order of yummy HAKAW as we waited for them to arrive.

Roasted Meat Platter

Birthday Noodles for long life. A staple at every chinese birthday celebration! ;)

Seafood Shark’s Fin Soup, which is getting banned soon haha.

Every kids favorite.. Yang Chow Fried Rice.

Steamed Lapu Lapu. So sweet fresh! <3

Fried Chicken

Shell Abalone with Sea Cucumber. YUMMMMM!!! <3 I’ve missed this.

Hot Prawn Salad. <3

Fried Crab with Salt & Pepper. Highlight of our lunch! <3

Mango Sago



A very rare moment.

And an ever rarer moment. ;P

Our little family. <3

Lord, thank you for blessing us with such a generous, loving & hardworking mom. Please continue to grant her good health & long life, peace & joy in her golden years. She has already been through so much Lord -You, most of all, know that. Please allow her to enjoy her remaining years stress-free & worry-free. Grant her Lord the desire of her heart. Hear her cries and answer her prayers. Please always let her feel your presence & comfort her in these trying times. My wish for her is that she gets to travel & see the beauty of the world while she still can. That she gets to do all the things that will give her pleasure & unparalleled joy. Hear this, oh Lord. I claim victory, in Jesus mighty name I pray. Amen.

Happy 82nd birthday, Mommy dearest. I love you! <3

May all your dreams & wishes come true. We love you so much, mommy. And we will always be thankful for the gift of you! <3

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