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Happy 49th my Honey!

Kap & I will be arriving home today from our 4-day Bangkok getaway, our surprise gift for the birthday boy! I was really hesitant to book this trip because this is our FIRST TIME to just hie off on our own, leaving the kids behind. Yes, EVAR! ;) In all our years of married life, this is our first to abandon the kids, and for 4 days too! Tapang ng apog, hahaha. So I mulled & contemplated. And then mulled some more. Finally I said to myself, bahala na. And with trembling fingers, I clicked that PAY button. There’s no going back! :P

The actual realization that Kap & I need to enjoy our remaining golden years together, and start traveling on our own, came when Bae started college this August. It dawned on me that my life was pretty useless without the kids around to serve hand & foot. I simply had too much time on my hands. Time that I could now spend on just myself & my darling husband!

With our now-perennial sidekick, dear Lelly who is loving all the attention & pasyal hahaha!

For years -24 to be exact, the kids have always been the focus of my attention that when the last child went off to college leaving my days long & free, I realized empty nest syndrome was happening to me. And there’s just nothing I can do to stop it, like it or not. The eagles have left the nest, confeeeermed, huhu! Depression was creeping in and I had to put a stop to it immediately by putting my thoughts, feelings, and energy elsewhere.

All of legal age now (well Bae will be in another week), the giblings can most certainly manage a few days without their parents. And this gives Kap & me time to simply enjoy our days however we like. We can actually travel any time & any place now. Normally, we wait for the kids’ vacation schedule so we can explore as a family. But this year, with them always gone, Kap & I can actually plan & visit nearby countries without feeling guilty leaving them home since the kids are never around anyway.

Most of the time, I enjoy my afternoons with Kap. But once in a while, he goes off to business meetings so I’m alone all day at walang hanky-panking kaganapan, boo! :'( Nakaka-walang ganang kumain diba? But surprise surprise! Hubster always brings up my lunch & sits down to accompany me while I eat before he leaves. Huhuhu bakit ka ganyan Kap? Sobrang in-love na nga ako sayo, dinadagdagan mo pa. Wala nang paglalagyan ang balon ng pag-ibig ko para sayo, lol. What did I ever do to deserve you? #luckymewifey ILYSB!! :-*

We are so feeling the empty nest huhu. Ilang taon pa na ganitooooo? I think we need to either adopt a cute toddler, or get a grandkid. No girls, not from either of you ok! On the bright side, Kap & I are constantly together now doing random stuff -even grocery shopping since he doesn’t want me spiraling down depression lane hehe. May silver lining din naman pala tong sitwasyon ko. ;)) I love our just-because dates.

Frequent afternoon delights with the OTL & our perennial 3rd wheeler. #woofwoof (LEFT) It’s some kind a burger date with my OTL. Kap: Sweetheart, sige kain ka muna, palakas ka ha? Kasi mamaya sa ayaw mo at sa gusto, magwo-walking tayo. (Oh yes, Kap has included walking around the village in our repertoire!) Ahuhuhu. Parang ayaw ko na tuloy kumain. Babawiin din pala ang calories hehe. Henyways, today, October 16, in honor of KAP’s birthday (lol JOKE!) The Moment Group is celebrating its 5th year anniversary. For only 55 pesos (slashed down from 195), you can avail of a 1/4 cheeseburger sandwich!! (Dine in only & limited to 2 orders per person). Woohoooo! This promo is not just limited to 8 Cuts Burger Blends! All Moment Group restos like Manam, Ooma, Din Tai Fung, Phat Pho, Linguini Fini, Bank Bar, Mechauma, and The Mess Hall have their own 55 PESOS pakulo, so make sure you ask your server! Remember, this is only for TODAY, October 16, 2017 (Monday) ha! So don’t miss Kap’s birthday blowout hehe.

Dearest Honey, here’s to another chapter in our lives, and to many more memories to make two-gether. Just You & me. Let’s make a bucket list of places we want to see. Let’s not wait around anymore. Let’s do this while we still can, while both of are are still around. I don’t want regrets. <3

All I wanna do, is to grow old with you. Thank you for being the air I breathe. Cheesy as it may sound, you truly are the wind beneath my wings, and you complete me. Happy birthday my OTL, I love you! <3 Where next??

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