Happy 45th Birthday Hunny!

We celebrated my hunny’s 45th birthday last Wednesday at the Market Cafe of Hyatt Hotel. We have so many things to be thankful for: The milestone he has reached. The trust that his ALAGA team has given him by having him as one of their running mates. The culmination of the 4-week intensive course in Petron that he has just finished. The good health of our family members. The accumulation of friends & flourishing of friendships through the years. The steady run of our businesses in spite of the flailing economy. And so much more! <3

If it were up to Kap, he would have celebrated his birthday quietly at home. That’s the kind of person he is. Simple, unpretentious, understated. But of course I wanted to make his day a bit more special than usual, so I nagged & nagged that we go someplace nice until he finally gave in.

I chose Market Cafe for our celebration because it’s not ostentatious like other hotels offering lavish buffets -that’s just not his style. Baka mag-walkout pa pag sa mahal ko dinala, lels. MC is somewhat similar to Kap’s personality. Not too much, but just enough for one to enjoy. ;) The buffet spread has limited stations, but what matters most is in the spread & is not at all lacking.


6:00 am to 11:00 pm – daily

Buffet rates are inclusive of free-flowing soft drinks and local beer. The buffet is complimentary to kids ages five and below, while children ages six to 12 years old get 50% discount.

6:00am to 10:30am – Daily 1,200/pax
12:00 noon to 2:30pm – Mondays to Saturdays 1,600.00/pax
11:30am to 2:30pm – Sundays
6:00pm to 10:00pm – Daily 1,800.00/pax

1588 Pedro Gil cor. M.H. Del Pilar, Manila, Philippines, 1004

  • Tel: +63 2 245 1234
  • Fax: +63 2 247 1234
  • manila.casino@hyatt.com


We are blessed with kids who are loving, obedient, and just plain good in every possible way. Who knew 27 years ago as we sat next to each other in high school that we’d have teenage kids, this close to perfect, of our own? :)

I loved seeing Kap happy & enjoying our family night. It’s not often that he gets to eat out & take pleasure in finer things. Masyado siyang simple talaga.. at makunat! ;)) And in fairness, wala siyang kakupas-kupas! He still looks like the jock I’ve been crushing on so many pounds & years ago! #kiliggity :P

Ate is really so supportive of my blog. She’s the one who thought of, and took this picture. And every day she excitedly reports to me my ranking! Without fail! ;)

One thing that I truly admire in my Kap is his faith in, and relationship with God. No meal in our family ever begins without a prayer of thanksgiving. And not a day ends without a family prayer as well. I really believe that the family that prays together stays together. m/

My Kap is always so caring. Even though I would take food for myself, he would always arrive at our table laden with goodies he sets between us, meant for sharing. Nahiya naman ako, haha!

Tulad nalang nito..








At ito pa..


So I also shared with him my plate, halfheartedly hahaha! :P

I enjoyed the teppanyaki table..

They didn’t have prawns so I got some from the seafood table & asked them to mix it in. Yummers!

Good thing too that I was sharing with Kap, kasi takaw-tingin ako. I was already too full at this point. Mabuti nalang Kap has a big appetite & helped me polish off the contents on this plate! :)

But of course I saved room for my cheeseses that ate so lovingly prepared for me. She knows my love affair with cheese & surprised me with a platter. <3

I was a queen that night, with Kap, ate & my Lovey attending to all my needs. Parang ako ang nag-birthday! :P

My Lovey made sure her dad & I had free-flowing drinks from the cooler. (Complimentary soda & beer) Si babyson busy masyado sa dinner nya! ;))

I don’t normally like tarts. But this giant one, I really LOVED! <3 Glazed fruits took out the suya factor from my heavy meal.

Fresh fruits that I also couldn’t resist. <3

And Kap’s all-time favorite dessert.. CREPE. This one is entirely his. No sharing. ;)

While Kap was parking, I asked our hostess for a birthday surprise. The servers were all so nice to oblige & made our night there really special.

Happy happy birthday to my Hero, my one true love..

who manages to always make me smile, laugh, love, live. <3

This. This is truly God’s BESTEST blessing to me. I really couldn’t ask for more. When He gave me these people, my life became complete. There is nothing more that I could ask for, or ever want in life. :)

The kids & I surprised him with a gift that we put in a chocolate box. Kap DOESN’T eat chocolates. So to make his gift more interesting, ate hid it in an inconspicuous box! :P

Nagtaka siguro siya why chocolates of all things! ;))


The kids owe their dad a waterproof cellphone case coz the stores don’t carry the latest version yet. We will have to wait until a newer version comes out. They are contemplating between an OTTERBOX or a LIFEPROOF waterproof/shockproof case. What’s your take on this, my dear readers? Which do you think is better?

OtterBox Armor Series Waterproof Case for iPhone

by OtterBox

List Price: $99.95
Price: $67.48 FREE Shipping.

LifeProof nüüd Case for iPhone

by LifeProof

List Price: $89.99
Price: $86.99

Finally! A phone that doesn’t suck! ;))

My dearest Hunnybun,
Happy happy birthday to my dream guy, my Hero. Do you know that our love is one of my favorite presents in life? I hope that it is yours too! I hope that I have made you very happy all these years just as you have made me. :)
This year, I get to celebrate again the life of the one person who knows me better than anyone else and still chooses to love me. Thank you for your love and patience. I am just so lucky to have you in my life, hunny, and I count my blessings every single day that I am with you.
Your life is an inspiration to me. Each year you impress me with the way you treat me and our children with love & kindness. The way you are towards others, and how you fulfill your job and home responsibilities, and pursue your passions. You are truly an exceptional person & I’m just so blessed that out of the hundred of millions of gals out there, you chose me!
You are the love of my life. Love didn’t make sense until I met you. Since I’ve met you, my life hasn’t been the same. Places we go to are more fun. The time that I spend with you is more enjoyable. The conversations I have with you are more meaningful. My days are a whole lot richer. And it’s because YOU make the difference.
We’ve now been together longer than we’ve been without each other. I can’t imagine a life without you in it. To say that you are mine is the proudest statement I can make. I love having you, and knowing I get to keep you as my husband. Forever. I can’t wait to keep holding hands with you for another hundred years. Happy Birthday to the most wonderful soulmate and best friend. I am truly the luckiest girl in the world! :-*
Love always, your Sweetheart <3

We are not perfect. But we are certainly perfect for one other, and definitely made for each other.

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