Happy 1st Birthday, Jela!

Our dearest Jela turned 1 yesterday! m/ Yes, she’s a CHRISTmas baby hoot hoot! <3

Wearing her birthday dress. CUTIE!! <3
She doesn’t seem to be too happy though! ;P

Yep. Not minding me at all! :(
Even her ate can’t coax her to pose for the camera, hahaha!

It dawned on us that Jela never saw the world outside our village, so we finally took her to the mall today! ;)

Happy 1st birthday Jela!! We LOVE you sooooo much!!! <3
You bring us so much joy & happiness!

To say that she LOVED it is an understatement. She’s small but she packs a mean punch! Nadadala niya ako, omg! She was the one leading me, not the other way around! And boy, was she a STAR today. She had SO MANY FANS! ;))

Everybody wanted to pet her & took pictures of her. We stayed until night time so she can see the fountain & the lights..

I think we shall start taking Jela with us to the mall from now on. She enjoyed her day WAY TOO MUCH for her not to go back. But she needs her own stroller because not all malls allow pets inside unless they are in strollers. ;P

Happy happy birthday, dearest Jela. Thank you for filling the void our sweet, sweet Virginia left in our hearts. We love you soooooo much!! <3 May you have many more birthdays with us, sweetheart! :-*

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