Happy 18th Birthday Annika!

Greenhills on a friday night is just plain crazy. To come home from school in UST with barely 3 hours to spare to shower, have a snack, get her hair & makeup done, get dressed & run to the car is even CRAZIER! @_@ I’m telling you, I’m too old for this shizz. I need to stop being a stage mother! :P Just imagine, when it’s my Lovey’s turn, I’ll be 50 years old. Kaya ko pa kaya???

Every time there’s a party, it’s a cycle. We must adhere to the theme that is set. My princess can’t seem to find an outfit off the rack that suits the theme. We have one custom made -still she’s not that satisfied but it’s better than nothing so she accepts her fate & later on complains that it makes her look fat even though there’s not an ounce of fat that I can see no matter how closely I look. :P Then comes the shoes. It’s either the wrong color, or the wrong style, or the wrong material. After finding one that is also somewhat acceptable, we move on to the hair & makeup. It’s either too curly or it makes her face round. And let’s not get started with the gift buying -that’s a whole different story. So whenever I see an invitation lying around, I start having anxiety attacks & I feel like fainting. It’s a vicious cycle. Pwede birthday suit nalang???

Too curly, but give it an hour or so it’ll fall into soft waves sweetie. Hindi ka na ba nasanay?

Finally, she is ready & set. I can breathe properly again & relax, lels…

All I see is picture perfect. <3Where is the FAT???

She makes it all worthwhile though, and is sweet to share her pictures with me and give a blow-by-blow account of what’s happening just so my life isn’t too boring. She is my window to the world that is young, wild, and free! ;))

Inside Teatrino

Annika’s debut certainly was different & interesting.
More & more debutants nowadays dispense with the traditional & boring stuff, and come up with new & innovative ways to make the night all about FUN, FUN, FUN! :)

With Annika, the very cute & bubbly celebrant. Lovely ladies. <3

Motherhood. Hay!

Happy happy birthday, dearest Annika! <3 Whatever you ask for, may you receive. Whatever you seek, may you find. Whatever you wish for, may it be fulfilled. Today & always! :-*

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