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Happy 17th Birthday, my Babyson!

For as long as I can remember, whenever I would ask my babyson where he wants to eat for his birthday, his answer would be The Highlands Steakhouse. That’s how much he loves it. That he’s willing to trek 2 hours after school just to have his birthday dinner there -only to come back home right after to make it to their regular bedtime for school.

This year though, for his 17th birthday, I decided to push him to eat some place else for a change. And he requested going back to The Heritage Hotel where he had his birthday party when he turned 1. Yun lang pala eh. Granted!


My babyson’s 1st birthday & baptism celebration at the ballroom of The Heritage Hotel way back 1997. It was spanking new & that’s where we held the double celebration.

The time we went to Roxas Blvd. could easily have been the time we would have spent going all the way to Tagaytay. Grabe ang traffic! I think everywhere you go, traffic talaga ang kalaban especially now that it’s almost Christmas.

After his 1st birthday party, we never set foot again in Heritage Hotel because there were other areas far closer to home so that’s what we patronized. It was good to visit Heritage Hotel again after so many years, but sadly, it fell very very short of our expectations. Which is disappointing because we were there to celebrate a highly special occasion.

Riviera Cafe, The Heritage Hotel

Roxas Blvd. cor EDSA Ext. Malibay, Pasay(02) 854-8888
Semi-buffet Lunch 850 php nett/Full Buffet Dinner 1,500 php nett. Inclusive of bottomless drinks.






Muy gwapito babyson! <3


The buffet set-up, although festively decorated, was lacking in choices. Normally, it would take us a good many a rounds before deciding which station to partake of first because everything just looks amazing. But at Riviera Cafe, we went around many a times because we couldn’t find anything that caught our fancy. Everything on the table looked boring & unappetizing. Honestly, we contemplated if we should just leave or bear it & stay. Traffic was horrible, so we stayed.

Sorry, but it was truly a sorry excuse for a buffet and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. Least of all if you’re celebrating a milestone. :(



As luck would have it, my kids are really the best & didn’t give me a hard time for my bad choice of restaurant.

PicMonkey Collage3

You may notice my baby son’s bright neon shoes, a gift from his sisters. He loves his Nike’s! I just got him a pair not so many days ago and yet he was equally delighted to receive another one. Ilan ba ang pas mo anak?


Anyway, going back to the buffet station, this is the salad station which I didn’t bother taking a close up photo of.


The sushi & sashimi station. We are certified sushi lovers but I promise you, we skipped this entirely. That’s how sad & pathetic it looked. </3


Riviera Cafe has its Asian Corner which highlights Roast Duck, Suckling Pig, Asian Noodles, Hainanese Chicken Rice and Singaporean Laksa. The only dishes we somewhat enjoyed. Btw, all meats and poultry served are Halal-certified.


The noodles station was quite alright. But 1,500 php is not acceptable to just have noodles the whole night.


Because the limited choices didn’t leave anything to the imagination, we started off with the noodles. Kap & I had the Laksa, normally our favorite.


I was really glad that everyone’s spirit was up in spite of my booboo. <3



My appetizer plate replacing my usual japanese platter.



The hainanese chicken, with the chicken rice, was also welcomed with delight by the GOppets. <3


The grilling station.




I did enjoy the 8 selection of cheese though. <3 I asked for grapes from the kitchen to pair with my cheese platter. #demandingpiglet



This cheese platter could possibly, just possibly, have saved my night.


Nacho station. Some ground meat would have made this okay.


But the most disappointing station that night was this. THIS measly dessert station almost made me cry. Boo!




I drowned my sorrows in sugarless halo-halo. Pero may ice cream. I needed a pick-me-upper. Please don’t judge! :P


In spite of everything, it was still a night of thanksgiving & celebration. I am so thankful for my happy family. And for my son who is growing up to be a kind, decent, & responsible young man.


The GOppets can clearly make the best of any situation. <3 Basta kumpleto.




Thank you for bearing with mommy, sweetheart. I know I don’t always make the best choices -and I’m not only talking about the restaurant, but life in general. And yet, you continue to listen to me and ask me for advice. I love you babyson, and I’m, so proud of the man you are becoming.


Life is a series of adventures & misadventures. Such is the sugar & spice of it all, don’t you agree? ;)

I wish you many more happy birthdays, the fulfilment of your every dreams. And may God be always in your life. To strengthen & encourage you in times of trials & struggles, and to rejoice with you in times of success. I love you anak! ;-*

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