Happy 12th Marcus!

One party after the other, what could be better than that? ;)

Regine invited us to her son’s 12th birthday at the country club for a merienda cena/bowling party this afternoon.

Regine is such a sweetheart. She is so nice & kind, always with a smiling face whenever I see her in school -such a becky like me. And always liking my instagram pictures, haha! ;P It’s just so easy to love her! The same goes for her lawyer hubby & active little boy. They are such a personable young family. <3

Since my Lovey is so not a sporty little girl, we skipped the bowling part & went straight to the 2nd part of the birthday.. the merienda cena! ;))

Regine was so nice to invite my whole family. Too bad my babyson was sick so he didn’t make it to the party.

The parents certainly went all out for their talented little boy! Aside from food carts like Cha Time, there was also a band for Marcus to sing along to -how cool is that! m/

My Lovey & I LOVE cha time! <3
The buffet spread!
Bongga -one in the bowling area, another one in the ballroom.
Happy BUSOG guests! ;)
There’s Marcus singing with his band for the afternoon! m/ 
Meanwhile, diva mother Regine was busy with so many prizes, giveaways & lootbags!
Everyone went home with a prize AND a lootbag.
All imported mind you. With prizes coming from either Rustans’ or Toy Kingdom.
And Marcus is only celebrating his 12th birthday! @_@
with condiments. DIY!! ;)
Spaghetti Bolognese, a big hit with the kiddos.
Veggie Spring Roll
Super sarap BBQ!
My full plate. What’s new, haha! ;P
Turon with Langka.
With Jake & Regine <3

Happy happy birthday Marcus!

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