Tried out hapadog, a japanese hotdog franchise, a few days ago. It’s really a teeny tiny space. 2 tables of 4, and a 6-seater facing the wall. I asked the server which one was their most popular hotdog. She said the hapadog, so I tried that.

The hapadog 175 php
topped with seaweed, caramelized onions, japanese or wasabi mayo

After browsing through the menu though, I found out I should have gotten the californippon! :( oh well, at least it gives me an excuse to go back. The hapadog was ok though. But I’m still a fan of smokey’s footlong with everything! ;P
I wonder if it’s as good as it looks on their menu! ;P

I always tend to rush when ordering. It was only when ate pointed out to me their tuesday half-price special that I noticed the Tempuradog. Sigh… so guess what. I got that too! I couldn’t let a good deal pass, right???  :P

Temp-tation or Tempura Dog 175 php (but slashed down 50% every tuesday!)

I’m a sucker for burgers & hotdogs. But my kids are the full meal type (read: kanin/noodles!). So instead of hotdogs, they got these instead…

hapa-nese nachos 95 php
Too bad ate didn’t enjoy the wasabi/seaweed twist. The 2 were kinda ok with it.

Karaage (japanese fried chicken) 95 php
Poppukondoggu (tempura fried sausage) 55 php
The 6-seater counter we squeezed ourselves into! ;))
Chicken Donburi 175 php
Beef Donburi 195

I got a little confused when our bill came though, coz it came in this dimsum basket. Ermmm, aren’t dimsum of chinese origin? ;))

It’s refreshing to try out new restos from time to time. Diversity & variety is good -and I can say I liked what I had. But even with my torrid love affair with hotdogs & anything japanese, I think we’ll stick to smokey’s next time! :)

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