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I’m so happy to have met Sheila Rae Opulencia a.k.a. Hazeleaf! She won my Birthday Giveaway which is a “Meet & Greet”. I had so much fun with our chika & bonding that time really passed so quickly. But wait.. this is all about Sheila, so I’ll let you get on with her post on our date at The Pen. Enjoy! :-*

Of Meeting Jane and High Tea at The Pen
Last Sunday, February 24, I got up really late (like past noon LOL) to find a text message from Jane waiting for me. She asked if we could move our date to that afternoon because her hunny bun wanted to take them to the beach the following day. Since I wasn’t really doing anything that day, I agreed. Anyway, I know how important family time is to Jane and I didn’t want to take that away from her. However, one problem was that it was already 1PM and I was still in bed.
Anyone who knows me knows that it takes forever for me to get ready! Like, I take an hour to take a bath, 30 minutes to dress up and put makeup, and another 15 to 20 minutes to get out of the door. Yes, I am THAT slow. Hahaha! Anyway, I got ready in record time — an hour and 15 minutes after I was out the door. I was worried that I wouldn’t to make it to Makati by 3PM because I was coming from Las Pinas. Thankfully, Jane was super nice (and patient) and told me to take my time. She got there first, of course. I arrived at The Pen past 3:30.
On the way, I was really nervous. Again, anyone who knows me can attest that I am not a sociable person by any means. I rarely make new friends and when I’m around new people, I don’t really talk. I just listen to the conversation. Another thing, I always come off as unapproachable even when I’m totally not! But people are somehow drawn to me and that’s how I make friends. I was worried that Jane and I would have nothing to talk about and that she might not like me. After our date, I realized that was the BIGGEST understatement of the year!
When I walked into the lobby, I spotted her almost immediately. Now putting to good use what I’ve learned over the years on how to become approachable (yes, I actually read up on stuff about that! Hahaha!), I put on a big smile as I approached her table. She got up as soon as she saw me and gave me a hug! That was a surprise and it made me feel at ease right away.

She introduced me to Jana, who was sitting at the table beside us. Pretty, pretty girl! We sat down and started talking right away. After a few minutes, we got up to get some food.

corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues
1226 Makati City
*** Afternoon Tea Buffet starts at 230PM to 530PM
880 php net per person

When we got back to our table, she introduced me to Jonah and Jena. Jena is as equally beautiful as her mom and ate. And I just have to say this, Jonah is so gwapo! Hahaha! You know when you’re in high school and you spot the tall, good looking chinito basketball player, he smiles at you and you suddenly feel faint because the butterflies in your tummy suddenly go crazy? I’m sure if I were still 15, I would have blushed from head to foot when Jonah beso-ed me. Hahahaha! Watch out for that one, Jane. Make sure he doesn’t break too many hearts, yes?

Going back to my date with Jane, I had an awesome time! We talked about almost anything and everything about me, my son, and my life in general. She shared bits and pieces about her life and the blogs that she follows. I found that she’s as talkative and warm in person as she is in her blog posts. Oh! She gave me a gift too!! That was such a surprise and embarrassing for me because I wasn’t able to get her anything! Next time.

About the food, it was my first time at The Pen. Like, EVER! LOL I enjoyed most of the selections although Jane said (and apologized) that there were very few at the time. It didn’t really matter to me because I came there to meet her and not for the food. I loved the cheeses, little sandwiches, and the mini siopao considering that it was Asado and I’m a Bola Bola type of girl. I particularly loved the scones and spreads and tarts! I tried almost everything from the dessert spread. What can I say, I have an insatiable sweet tooth! :P Heck, I tried everything from the entire buffet spread! I think Jane was surprised because I had like, 3 or 4 plates. Hahaha!
Anyway at the end of our date, Jane was so nice to offer me a ride (yes, I commuted LOL) but I didn’t want to impose anymore.
Thank you so much for our afternoon date, Jane. I had an amazing time! Now I know why your kids are so close to you. You’re truly a super mom! I look forward to our next date. Till then, I shall keep tabs on you through your blog. Say hi to your kids for me. It was an awesome experience meeting all of you. Mwah! <3

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