Guest Blogger: Marie Therese Nicolas

If you still remember, I had an anniversary blog giveaway a while back. Marie Therese Nicolas won the contest & I mailed her the dinner voucher for 2 to Circles. One of the conditions of my giveaway is that she will be my guest blogger & she will write about their dining experience.

It took some time, but I’m so excited that her post is finally here!! I hope you enjoy reading her post as much as I did! :) Thank you so much Marie for taking the time & effort to write this. I know how busy you are. Please give Missy lots of hugs & kisses from me!! <3

by: Marie Therese Nicolas

I know, I know. This blog post is way too late! But as they say, better late than never.

I hardly win in raffles and if I do, I’d probably get a flat iron or an electric fan to take home. But whatever the prize is, it always gets used or, sorry, recycled. So when I found out that I won in Ms. Jane Go’s raffle, I was ecstatic! I am a foodie and though I would love to go around the country to try out the best restaurants, I am a working mom too with obligations to meet. My daughter’s needs are a priority and outings in pricey eating places are only a luxury I can enjoy every once in a while.

Last February 20 was supposed to be a romantic date for two, but doting Mommy that I am, I just can’t bear to leave behind my then 6-year old unica hija (she celebrated her 7th birthday a few days after the treat!).

We were lucky that it was “crabs” night the time we decided to use the voucher for two. Only children 5 years and below are free so we had to pay half of the buffet price for the little one. So sulit considering the ambience of the place, the impeccable service and the quality of the food.

Here goes my narration of our family night at the Circles of Makati Shang courtesy of Ms. Jane Go and her generous family:

Our little one by the entrance of the cafe.
Look at all those crabs! 
There are even some in cages.
Hey crabs, what are you doing there?

So sorry for the shots!
I do not have a professional camera – just a point and shoot.
I have to say that I got so excited with the food around me that I failed to take pictures of all the food offerings. 

Prime Rib 
Fresh Salmon
Lettuce at the Salad Bar

What I like most about the cafe is that you won’t get too dizzy with the selections they have. I think the buffet is well-edited. They have a Japanese, Chinese, Indian and Continental sections with not too many dishes. I like it better that way because you can savor the food without getting too bloated.

The shrimp section.
My oh my, they are all so calling my name!
Take a look at these rows of yummy and fat crabs!
Yikes, just staring at these crustaceans made my cholesterol level go up!
My little one requested for pasta carbonara.
This was prepared on the spot at the pasta station.
This was what she ate after trying out the crab lasagne.
Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of the lasagne because I was so happy she loved her choice.


Here she is with her plate of her favorite ebi tempura.
She finished everything!
My lovey’s plate.
He concentrated on the yummy prime rib.
Truly delectable.
My starter plates – pacing myself so I do not get overwhelmed.
Sayang naman ang buffet if I get stuffed at once.
I first had the salmon sashimi and the california maki which I love.
I also had the caesar salad, which is too safe a choice.
Hey, I do not want to be too adventurous.
My stomach can only take so much so might as well eat those which I really love.
My other plate with ebi tempura among others.
The shrimps were not that plump and the sauce a little salty.
Still, takaw me ate it with gusto.
Look at the aligue! My oh my….
We had the crabs with the vinegar & onions dip. Pati sukang sawsawan, sosi ang taste. Really good!
Of course, there is always room for dessert! Our little one took after me. She has a sweet tooth too! Look at her at the chocolate fountain.
She happily went to the choco fountain twice and also ordered mango crèpe with homemade vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. 
I had the bread pudding with vanilla sauce which the server said was their specialty.
This was good!
Our little girl did not finish her crepe so I finished it for her.
The sacrifices one has to make for a child!
Lovey still eating to his heart’s content. Ay, sulit ang buffet sa kanya!  
His dessert plate. He got mini cakes as he was already too full.
This is Sinfully Circles section which has beautiful cakes and pastries for sale. They have a branch in Greenbelt 5. Good thing my little girl did not ask us to buy more pastries. She was too satisfied with what she had at the cafe. Next time we’ll try out the sweets there. They were staring back at us!

The waiters and servers of Circles were all attentive and warm without being intrusive. They gave us perfect service and always anticipated our needs. When the waiter handed to me the bill for our daughter’s buffet, he asked for my privilege card so that I can avail of a discount as a member. Nabuking tuloy na hindi ako member! Hahahaha!

I wish to thank Ms. Jane Go and her family, especially Kapitan K, for selflessly giving up their buffet voucher so that my family can indulge for one night. I feel so blessed to have stumbled upon (and got  me hooked to) Ms. Jane’s blog. Her posts continue to inspire me and make me laugh and forget about my worries. Even if we have not seen each other personally, I feel so privileged that she has made me feel like she is a true friend.

Look at the contented looks on our faces.
Imagine, we got to bond, eat out for free and at the Makati Shang pa!

Thank you and more power to you Ms. Jane! You are truly one classy lady! God bless you and your family.

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