Guest Blogger: Jeng del Rosario (ZOMBIE OUTBREAK)

If only I could (run.. and fast!), I would join all the zombie outbreaks in the world. That’s how obsessed I am with zombies. So much that I always create scenarios on how we would escape, hehe. (i.e. jump on trees, roofs.. even climb through ceiling ventilators to escape -not that I’d fit!). I get really depressed after the end of every season of The Walking Dead series (not kidding). The kids are NOT amused & are already sick of my obsession! @_@
So I was VERY happy & excited when I found out that one of my FAVORITE readers was JOINING Outbreak Manila!! m/ I FORCED & manipulated him into guest bogging for me, lels! As if he had a chance to say no to me! ;))
Note: Most photos here belong to OUTBREAK MANILA.
May I present to you, JENG DEL ROSARIO, my guest blogger for Zombie Outbreak!!!
4/14/2013Hello everyone.
Sorry for the intrusion. Hehehe >.< I am not Ms. Jane but rather one of her readers. I was tasked/forced/pushed/tricked into guest blogging for her because of an event that happened last night in the FORT.

This photo belongs to OM.

To get into this 5km event, one would be required to register. It would only cost 800 pesos for this event that would get you these:

A tote bag, a t-shirt, a waterproof bib, and a medal if you are still alive and has gotten at least a life-flag away from the zombies!!!!
This photo belongs to OM.
This photo belongs to OM.
But wait … I am jumping ahead too much. >.<
So a little info about this run:The main difference of this run with other would be that there are several waves to segregate the runners into their preferred time slot. Unlike others, this divides runners into 32 waves that would let the zombies easily weed out the survivors from the rest of the meat from 6pm all the way till midnight.
This photo belongs to OM.
This photo belongs to OM.
Before the start of the event, there were a lot of booths in the staging area that would let the would-be future zombie-food enjoy and have fun. There were free juice drinks, pizza, magazines, pictorials, pens, make-up and life flags.
This photo belongs to OM.

My friend and I were slated in wave number 6 which was supposed to start at 6:50pm. But of course, this didn’t start on time. I believe we started at around 20-30 minutes after the supposed time start.

Good thing, this mogu mogu character was there and helped me to get out that cage along with my run buddy.

Anyway, once our wave was called we were tasked to pick 3 types of lanes. The Appetizers or Fast, the Main course or medium, and the Dessert or slow. Each part of the wave were served accordingly. The fast first to the slow last. My friend and I picked the medium or main course part. 

Yes. I have no more eyes. They were pulled out by these zombies!!!


After a few seconds of getting in and squeezing into the middle of the fray, it was just intense. The atmosphere was that of “Oh my gosh please do not make me the bait” or “aha.. dito ako tatabi medyo malaki pang-human shield ka!! ” or “na-leche na… nasa harapan ako”. Everyone was giddy and nervous. We didn’t want our 3 precious lives to be taken away by the BIG BAD ZOMBIES!!!!!
At the signal of emcee, everyone ran like hell. Even after a few meters, my friend and I were forced to separate as zombies were coming our way. Everyone was pushing and bumping and even falling down. 
This photo belongs to OM.
I can’t really get into the details of what happened in the next hour of INTENSE PATINTERO AND HABULAN… but I believe everything was worth it!!! The costumes and make-up were amazing!! The logistics were planned perfectly and executed well within the standards. 
This photo belongs to OM. 
This photo belongs to OM.

The most memorable experience last night was the fact that there was this one zombie girl that run after me! SMALL AND TERRIBLE!! She even bumped into my arm and even grabbed my t-shirt just to get a flag… (yes I believe they are not allowed to do that!!! But heck.. it was fun..!!!! It gave me the most scare that night) 

Just like any day, it all started in the afternoon of April 13, 2013 and ended well throughout the night. Everyone was in a festive mood and I believe everyone had an awesome time. Making it all worth it. 

By the way, I forgot to introduce myself. I am @mr_jeng, a fun loving foodie that loves to try just about anything :D :D :D and yes that includes the occasional run here and there. Good day po :D

P.S.Please accept my apology in the quality and quantity of the pictures. I was only carrying an iphone during this event because I didn’t want my DSLR to get in the way. Enjoy!
Yay!!! Thank you so so much talaga, Jeng! :) You have surpassed my expectations. And thank you for the photos, and for taking time out from running (& heaving) to take pictures for this blog. Super kaduper appreciate it!! I expect you to guest blog again the next time you join a similar marathon, hehe! Mwah mwah!! :-*
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