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Hello hello! Pardon me for interrupting your reading pleasure as I hack, I mean take over for Ms. Jane’s Blog for the duration of a post. You see, I was asked to do a little guest blogging on one of our favorite blogger friend Ms. Frannywanny.
Picture taken from frannywanny.com
In case you aren’t aware as to who Franny is, her site is rated as one of the top blogs in the Philippines. With her spare time, she is able to update us with the latest happenings in food and what not through http://www.frannywanny.com/. Recently, she left the country with her husband Paul to be able to work in another country. Particularly, to Singapore.
Taken from frannywanny.com
This sudden move came as a shock to most of her readers (including me). As I was prepping to go to Singapore, Mama Bear (a.k.a. Sugar & Spice) told me that I should at least have a photo op with Fran (para naman daw sulit pag punta ko ng SG) and also do a guest blog.
Of course being the shy guy that I am, I went on the “hiya” mode. But when Fran commented on my instagram post, I was literally jumping with glee. I controlled all this built-in emotion with a little pa-demure. LOL!
From the comments Fran made, I could really say that she is friendly and down to earth. As someone of her stature, one would think that she would be unreachable. But let me tell you this, she is really really really really humble and very much like anyone of us. She caters and even answered some of my questions and gave me tips on where to go and eat. My favorite subject!
A day or two before my flight, I asked her if it was okay to meet up and if it would fit her schedule. She gamely replied. Our date was set! I was really thrilled that I would be given a chance to meet one of my blog idols. Woooohooooo! Lucky me!
To think, that I had waited for her to move to Singapore for me to be able to get a chance to meet this wonderful person. LOL! She is so kind and accommodating that she accepted my invitation for a little chit chat. She is really a good natured person.
On the day itself, along with her husband Paul, we met up in Great World City Mall in River Valley, I was given an hour or two to be with them and actually interview the blogger extraordinaire. As I was walking around the mall towards our meeting place, I saw a hand waving towards me. At first glance, I thought I was having an illusion but it was actually Fran calling me! So, we met up in toast box/bread talk found in the first floor of the mall.
I really didn’t take note of the store itself but rather my focus and attention were all on Franny. It may come as a shock, but their move to Singapore wasn’t really planned. If you don’t know, she and her husband have stable jobs here in Manila already.
As I asked her what made her decide, I guess it was the fact that she enjoys Singapore. Now here are some in depth question and answers that I think would fill the minds of her readers and fans as to why SG. Thankfully, she gamely answered my questions. Wait, I just don’t know if I am allowed to put them here so I will do a little censorship here and there. LOL! I am jumping way ahead. Backtrack!
After a few pleasantries, Paul and Fran offered to get me some refreshments but I had declined as I have some sort of sore throat. (argh! Kinda hard to do a Q and A with that).
As you can see here, they are really sweet with one another and opted to share a drink together! Awwww! The blogger in Fran makes her take a photo before doing anything else. This is one of those rare chances I was able to take a photo of them as I was really really shy to get their pictures LOL!
Okay so let us go back to the little A and A. LOL!
I asked Fran for the main reason of their move to Singapore. She said that it was work related. In terms of this, she now caters to an international company on the social media side. According to her, she really enjoys her job and loves the atmosphere.
Universal Studios Singapore photo courtesy of Franny.
Furthermore, she has been going to Singapore every other year since she was a little kid. I guess because of her familiarity and also of the surroundings one would really like to work and stay in Singapore. In case you don’t know, SG is one of the rare places in the world that crime is at a minimum and that cleanliness is really enforced! There is also no need to talk about the incredible and efficient public transportation services they have.
It wasn’t really planned and that they did it all quite rushed. According to Fran, they were actually planning to start a family this year but had to postpone it a bit to be able to get themselves more oriented and adjusted to Singapore.
Since, they have already been in Singapore for a few months now, I had to ask about the culture. One of those raised would have to be the constant lining up at certain restaurants or even places that offer similar services. According to the couple, it was this mentality of “hindi magpapatalo” or never giving in. It seemed that most Singaporeans would brave the long lines if they thought that it was worth it. It just isn’t about craze and trends but it was their thought of if one can do it, then they could too.
So if there is a line in Singapore, most likely, it would be a good idea for you to line up as well.
My favorite subject also came up! Where oh where to eat in Singapore? Singapore is a haven to foodies all over. It was also one of the main reasons why I returned to Singapore. It houses some of the best restaurants in the world. From the oh-so-expensive restaurants in hotels to hawker places found at almost every corner. These hawkers at times would even have incredible dishes that one would really line up for.
Unlike Manila, where there has been an explosion of ramen restaurants, Singapore just started to have theirs. There was this one restaurant that you get to pick the toppings you like. I think it was somewhere near Clark Quay. Cool right?! Since they have just migrated to Singapore a few months ago, they are still exploring the different restaurants around the place.
As the conversation went on and on, it seemed that I genuinely felt that Fran and Paul are really enjoying Singapore. They are a cute, kind and sweet couple that braved the new environment to have a better life. I can say with all my heart that they would definitely succeed with their endeavors as their outlook in life is awesome.
Sadly, all great things must come to an end. They had a previous appointment to attend to as so did I. We ended our little rendezvous and they even gave me a small token. How sweet of them!
In case you guys dream of going or are planning to go to Singapore, or would like to torture yourself by reading amazing food posts on Singapore Restaurants, I would suggest that you go to her blog as she also writes about the different cool places to stay and to eat in Singapore. Checkout Frannywanny’s SGD15 challenge too. With just that small amount, Paul and Fran are able to eat a lot and get stuffed in a Hawker place. You don’t need to spend a lot in Singapore for your tummy to enjoy! YumYum!
Thank you very much to Fran and Paul for the incredible time! Thank you also to Mama Bear for pushing me (again, LOL!) to meet up with THE Frannywanny! I definitely enjoyed every single moment I spent talking and talking and making small chitchat with them. Amazing! Until next time po! Mr_jeng here from foodinthebag :D
Dearest Baby Bear! :)
Thank you so very much for guest blogging. AGAIN! ;) I know this could easily have been your post on your own blog, but you gave it to me!! <3 Alam mo talagang possessive ako when it comes to my dearest Frannywanny, lels! :)
I’m so proud of what you have achieved as a blogger in such a short span. Nasa top 90 ka na from 300+ something, and it hasn’t even been a year! I’m one happy & proud mama bear, I tell you.
Huwag mo kaming kalimutan ni Fran when you’re in the top 10 na ha, hatakin mo kami sa events, hahaha!
Love, Momsie Bear :-*

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