Green Pastures

Two mondays ago was the start of ate’s exam week so she was half day for the whole week. It was also my Lovey’s retreat week but she didn’t go & opted to stay home with me. Maybe she will go next year, or next next year, once she has adjusted to her new school & new friends. It was the perfect opportunity for us to go on an adventure outside our comfort zone! ;)

We left the house early & stayed in starbucks as we waited for ate to finish her exams..

We each got a Globe universal access card (60 php) good for an hour. Like a good & diligent student, I finished some of my backlogs & scheduled my posts accordingly. ;) Sigh.. gone were the days when wifi in coffee houses were free.

Ate was pretty quick with her tests & picked us up after less than 2 hours. We decided to eat in Green Pastures because it’s so “IN” now & I wanna trend, lels. Besides, everything they served was organic so I was pretty sure ate would have a great time there. My Lovey & I are easy, we eat anything & everything! :P

Even with prior reservations, we still had to wait an hour to be seated. (The customers simply didn’t want to leave even after finishing their meals. We pinoys love to talk & talk & talk don’t we?) Yes, that’s how HOT the restaurant is this season. Lahat gustong maki-trending hehe.

Green Pastures

4/F Shangri-la Plaza Mall, East Wing, Shaw BlvdWack Wack, Mandaluyong(02) 654-3219

As you can see, people of ALL ages came to enjoy the feast. ;)

The servers were so cute, dressed as farmhands. Reminds me of my favorite game HARVEST MOON where I used to spend hours upon hours on my babyson’s beanbag in his room growing my farm. GAH! @_@

See? They just don’t wanna leave in spite of the long queue. :P Lunch time is social time haha.

We decided to scan the menu while waiting to save time. Besides, our stomachs were already growling..

We thought coming on a weekday would mean less people. We thought wrong. I would strongly advice that you let the hype die down a bit before you visit the place, unless you’re a very patient person. ;) And NEVER attempt to eat there on a weekend.

We were very sad to see only 3 pieces of complimentary bread. But our farmhand server was really nice & quickly gave us a refill when she saw how hungry we were. :)

Not to be missed is this Pinoy Egg 125 php

It’s a perfectly runny soft boiled egg wrapped in longaniza bits. Dee-licious! I also loved the crunchy veggie that came with it. I just don’t know what in the world it was. :P

This reminded me of Jack’s beanstalk. Right? The way it curves & loops parang bippity boppity boo? Ay wait, Cinderella pala yun hehe. Anyways, sooooo pretty! ;))

Ate’s Farmhouse salad 550 php. She wanted the Avocado salad but they ran out of avocados, too bad.

Cheese combo (Buffalo & Cow) 455 php

Cheese from a cow. Moo.

Our server said to wipe our breads with garlic first before smearing it with the moo cheese.

Then layer with caramelized onions for a sweet taste.

Cheese from Buffalo……………… OINK? :P

My Duck Sheperd Pie 595 php

My Lovey’s Tequilla Joe’s Sloppy Cow (beef salpicao) 495 php

Chef Rob Goco (Charlie’s Grind & Grill, Cyma) was so nice to accommodate my request for a photo op. :) And no, we don’t know each other. (Well, I’m sure he doesn’t know me. Siya kilala ko haha). I’m just good at social climbing kaya mukha kaming BFFs dito! ;))

Salted Caramel Ice Cream 195 php. May popcorn.. para tuloy gusto ko bigla manuod ng sine! :P

Milk Eggs & Honey Yogurt 155 php. Wala palang lasa ang honeycomb. Now I know! ;)

Brewed coffee for everyone compliments of the Chef. How nice. <3 It’s always heartwarming when the owner makes an extra effort to make you feel at home. Unfortunately, my girls don’t drink coffee. So hayan, hanggang ngayon may nginig pa ako! :P

Overall, the food was good. If you like to experiment & eat something new, then this is the place for you because chef Rob has cooked up new exciting dishes for his patrons. Everything he whips up is non-traditional so be ready to be surprised. If you’re old fashioned & like your food the way your lola cooked it when you were young, I suggest you go eat someplace else. Price-wise, it’s on the more expensive side, maybe because everything is organic. Our bill reached 3k, buti nalang wala si Kap! ;))

As of this reading, Kap is done with his seminar. MAY AFTERNOON DELIGHT NA ULI AKO!!! Rejoice! <3

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