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Ate’s Graduation

Halfway there, woohoo! \m/ After 4 long years of blood, sweat, tears, and many a sleepless nights, Ate finally marched up the stage & finished her pre-med course. The fambam is mighty proud! <3


Four years, this block section has been together through thick & thin. Daming tawa, dami ding iyak.


Ate‘s main bitchezz. <3


Baccalaureate Mass got her teary eyed. She will be leaving her comfort zone & start anew. Make new friends & meet new people. Sana, hindi muna boyfriend! :P

I am very confident that this girl will make it big one day. <3 Her name is written in the stars. :)

Call time was for 7 am sharp, which meant we all had to wake up at 4 am. Ni hindi pa nga tumitilaok ang manok. We struggled & moved like zombies at nary the break of dawn. But of course we wouldn’t miss this important milestone for anything in the world.


Knock-out kaming lahat, azzzzzzzzzz-leep!

With a cup of strong & bitter coffee to fully wake me up, we went our way to Espana at 6 am. Many many thanks to Anderson who took full control of our spaceship (as we were all loopy from the early awakening hehe), and for the 4 straight years that he patiently drove Ate from the crack of dawn to sunset & sometimes even way beyond. Siya ang talagang nag-tyaga sa hatid-sundo at pag-alaga sa dalaga ko. Cheers, this one is also for you! :-*


The graduates were allowed to have one hooding parent with them. Naturally, Ate chose me hehe. We are bffs after all. Arm in arm, we marched & graduated two-gether. Of course, niagara falls ang drama ko, cry me a river. Ate kept asking me to stop crying, parang ako naman kasi ang magtatapos haha.


I was so very flattered & touched to be Ate‘s hooding parent. <3 Thank you for making me an active part of this momentous event my darling.


At hindi man tayo magka-terno sa damit, terno naman tayo sa puso, Ate! ;P #soulsisters #twinningforlife


Organizing ourselves in alphabetical order outside, getting ready for the graduation march.

26 years ago, I marched in the same pontifical university as I graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Business degree. And now, how sentimental that I was marching again with my firstborn for her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology. Dalawa na naming alumni ng uste! :P









The success of one is the success of all. Team GOppets in full force. Congratulations to all the graduates & parents!

With over 800 students in the Science department alone, the ceremony was expectedly suuuuuper loooooong. More than 4 hours, my butt (and brain) must have fallen asleep several times over hehe. I was the loudest to clap I think when the commencement exercise finally finished!


Anak, bayaan mo, hindi man kita nabigyan ng dollar garland tulad nito, magsusumikap aka na sa susunod mong graduation, euro naman ang isasabit ko sa leeg mo! ;))


(You don’t wanna believe me? Here’s a close up! First time I’ve seen, I swear! I wonder if these are real money. Baka mag-abroad? Pang-baon hehe.) As it turns out, there is such a thing as this Hawaiian Money Lei. Learned something new! ;)


And besides, you have flowers naman from Daddy. :))


Sometimes Kap still manages to surprise me with his sweetness! Unexpected flowers from her daddy. Blue for blue eagles, tanggap na nya talaga hahaha. Single yellow for her alma mater, and lotsa blue for her many days ahead at ASMPH. Go anak, #OBF! Can’t wait for your next graduation in 5 years time (omg hooong togoool po poloooh). Love you with all my heart! Thank you, Sweetness, for the gift that is YOU


Daddy’s girl. <3

To celebrate Ate‘s feat, we had lunch at her favorite & most requested teppanyaki place which serves one of the best steak & seafood combo cooked tabletop while you watch (and eat, lol). The giant scallops alone is worth every penny of the 2.8k/person price. Kahit siguro linggo-lingguhin, hindi papalag si Kap my Kap.


Learning from our past mistake, we just limited our orders to our favorites to save room in our tummy: scallops, tiger prawns, Squid, Tenderloin & Sirloin. Omnomnom.


Best teppan table in the country! \m/


Yes, the road to Med is still long & far, paved with many trials & uncertainties. But as always, we will always be here for you Ate. Sa hirap at ginhawa, kasama mo kami. We got your back! :-*


Hawak-kamay, di ka namin iiwan sa paglakbay dito sa mundong waling katiyakan. Hawak-kamay, di ka namin bibitawan sa paglalakbay sa mundo ng kawalan. Pramis yan! :-*



Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord. Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

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