Gracious Ellen

I’m becoming fast friends with you, my dear readers. :) And it makes me happy. I never thought virtual strangers could be so nice & friendly. <3Some of you have added me on instagram, which makes for easier & faster, more personal interaction.Β One such reader, whom I now consider a friend, is Ellen. Β Like a courtship, we started slow, then it gradually built up. First, “liking” each other’s pictures. Then, “commenting”. Pretty soon, it was like we’ve known each other for quite some time. Last week, she asked me out to lunch, her treat she said -how sweet! <3 Of course, me being kaladkarin, I said yes haha.

Ellen not only invited ME out to lunch, but the kids as well. So generous & thoughtful! Thank you so much, Ellen!! <3

I was 30 minutes late for our lunch date, jahe! :( The kids’ teachers kasi are soooo clingy! They always keep the students a few minutes more past the dismissal time every day –parang ayaw sila pakawalan! And just when you’re in a hurry too, gaz! @_@ When we finally got to Omakase, Ellen already had a big spread waiting for us. She really is so gracious! <3 (Ellen I’m not sure which is which, please correct me if I got the makis wrong haha!)

California Maki 160.00

Zigzag Roll 230.00

Salmon Skin Roll 100.00

Deep Blue Sea 285.00

Dynamite Roll 230.00

Crazy Maki 180.00

Seafood Crepe Salad 215.00

Spicy Tuna Salad 215.00

Ebi Tempura

My babyson’s Beef Gyudon 280.00

I was happy to note that Ellen & I were similar in so many ways. We really clicked, and I had so much fun chatting with her, she’s just so animated & bubbly like me! We never ran out of kwentos. Her sons are just adorable, and so well-mannered too, in spite of her protests that they are makulit haha.
Thank you so so much, my dear gracious Ellen. I had the most FUN-tastic time with you. I hope I can return the favor soon & treat you out when you’re in my area again. And congratulations to King for graduating pre-school! Love you lots & lots!!! <3

With my new BFF, Ellen! <3

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