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To celebrate Ate’s end of school for this term, I took the kids to GRACE PARK at One Rockwell for lunch a couple of Sundays ago. <3 Tamang tama coz Kap took his mother (a.k.a. The Other Woman) out on a date (yeah, he’s sweet that way. I hope my babyson will also be as sweet to me when I’m old & gray and take me shopping & food binging). And you know what the mice do when the cat is away! ;P


I’m really not ma-organic. That’s Ate, so I figured she’d enjoy the farm-to-table concept. Plus, it’s been on her wish list for the longest time so of course we HAD to go.  We’re actually so two-thousand-and-late for this Grace Park by Margarita Fores experience. Me, I’ll eat anything and you know it! ;)


Grace Park

One Rockwell, Rockwell Drive,

Poblacion, Makati (0917) 513-8945





I loved the interior! I’m OC & I like things pretty matchy-matchy, but this mismatched, quirky & fun decor also works for me.

It felt warm, cozy, and homey. The industrial floor & hi-beamed exposed ceiling doesn’t make your date feel dominated & effeminate in spite of the girly knick-knacks scattered all around. A perfect marriage of masculine & cold, yet feminine & warm at the same time. ;)



I love these exposed bricks. <3



Also this staircase that’s a mix of wood & steel. Warm & cold but it works perfectly together. I’d love to have something like this & the brick wall above in my own home! I think it adds character. <3



And it’s official. I want the EXACT same interior decoration on my next home!!! <3 I love the repeating masculine/feminine mix theme throughout the restaurant. It can be enjoyed by both the male & female population.






Grace Park changes their menu every so often so you might want to refer to their colored boards for what’s new on the menu! ;)




Ate has been wanting to try the ETON MESS ever since Grace Park opened a hundred years ago. I was happy to give her this one happy meal on her cheat day. Grace Park has a savory version as well as the sweet. Make sure you order both, with extra crackers for the savory one.

Savory Eton Mess 275 php


I deconstructed it so we can see what’s in this lovely mess! ;P Try as I might, I can seem to pinpoint what is exactly in this mess except it has a rich, creamy texture, salt and a hint of truffle. And the big brown crunchy, meaty bacon of course. It’s a mixture of sweet & salty. We loved it. Make sure though that you ask for extra crackers as it’s too creamy to eat as it is.




Spaghetti with Uni, Live Shrimp 525.00 I like my food bursting with wonderful flavors, so I found this toned-down pasta bland in spite of all the colors. But nothing that some pepper & chili flakes can’t fix. I know, I know. I murdered it. Kill me now.



OMG Burger 795 php Actually the only OMG about this is the price. I really wanted to see & taste this burger upon seeing the price on the menu, I thought it might be something extraordinaire. You might want to skip this & get something else.


This, on the other hand, is a kill! So tender, juicy & bursting with flavors! Muscovado Beef Belly 510 php Plus an order of Butter Garlic Rice 95 php for my babyson.



If we’re talking about size, this is the bomb. As you can see, it’s almost as big as the serving plate. And I loved the generous serving of cheese & tomato paste. Chicken Parmigiana 580 php I wish it came with plain pasta though to balance out all the beautiful flavors.


River Prawn & Scallop Roll, Squid Ink Bun 425 php This was really good too. But not as filling as the rest.


My happy lunch mates. <3



Eton Mess, the dessert. 260 php



Which I have also deconstructed, lels. It’s a wonderful mixture of meringue with lots of whipped cream, fresh mangoes & other magical concoction. <3 I saw a variety of seasonal fruits from other bloggers’ posts. Some had raspberries, some had strawberries. Ours had mangoes & little bits of strawberries.



And as you can see, it was heaven in a dish! ;)


Butterscotch Pudding with Garlic 210 php The pudding on its own was good without the garlic. I didn’t like the inclusion of this particular herb which I think made the taste a wee bit weird.




I can’t say it enough. I love love LOVE the interiors of Grace Park! <3



There’s another hidden room beyond, on the 2nd floor. The entire place was empty but fully booked with lunch reservations when we visited on a Sunday at exactly 12 noon. We didn’t call for one but we were happy they were able to accommodate us. Make sure you make a reservation if you plan on going on weekends.




Thank you so much Ate for the wonderful pictures & for capturing all the details I would have probably missed because we both know, I’m not artistic that way, lels. ;P So, how many more yummy places to visit in that list of yours? Ubusin na yan this summer! ;)

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