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#GOsaka2018 Day 4


Had a somewhat early night so we were able to wake up a bit earlier today. Loaded clothes on the washer, hung washed clothes the previous night outside to dry, showered, cleaned & straightened up the bnb a bit – got chores done & ready by 11. And by we, I mean HE (Kap), hehe.

My breakfast ready, vitamins on the table, the apartment cleaned, dishes washed, clothes hung outside to dry. #howsweetitistobelovedbyyou Haaay sobrang nakaka-inlove itong mahal ko. Every day he gives me a reason to fall deeper & deeper in love with him. <3 Honestly, my best part of the day is cuddling next to him quietly as we wait for the kids to get ready.

First on the agenda, Osaka Castle. Osaka Castle is a Japanese castle in Chūō-ku, Osaka, Japan. It is one of Japan’s most famous landmarks. The building is five stories on the outside & eight stories on the inside, built atop a tall stone foundation to protect its occupants from attackers. The castle grounds, which cover approximately 60,000 square meters (15 acres), contain thirteen structures that have been designated as important cultural assets by the Japanese government.

The entrance to Osaka Castle is free, but you gotta cough up Y600 per person to go inside the museum. Obviously, we skipped it. :P

At kaya hindi kami makapag-pack light ever – say hello to my fashionista kids. Nangingisay na, naka-porma pa rin nakuuuu! @_@ At syempre, kahit nangingisay, we won’t ever say no to SOFT SERVE!!! <3 A type of ice cream that is lower in milk fat & softer than regular ice creams as a result of air being introduced during freezing. Osaka has some of the creamiest ice cream evaaar, grabe!

I really suggest booties when going to a place with single-digit weather. The cold seeps in your flyknit & ankles. Si Babyson forever nangingisay in spite of the layerings!

My forever travel companion who puts up with my brattiness & laziness. Sya lang talaga ang kayang magpalakad sa akin ng sooobrang layo! He coaxes me gently to move it, move it (with the promise of a tasty reward after).

I hope we get to travel more before they have families of their own. By then, hindi na namin kaya i-fund ang family adventures, lol! Kami na ang ililibre nila dapat!

It was a loooong walk from the subway station to the castle. How I wish I brought a skateboard so they can just pull me along. I like seeing places, the cold just lovely -it’s the walking part that I hate. I guess I can’t have one (or two) without the other, huh?

My old bones & sore muscles were protesting after a long walk in the cold so Kap gave me the easy way out buy buying assorted food from the grocery for our lunch back at the bnb. Ate & rested a bit for a boost of energy, I hate that I’m such a weakling when the kids are so excited to wander. Oh well, they gotta take the good as well as the bad. :P #givealittlegetalot Hindi ako perfect.

I know I always say it but Kap is really our superhero. Para syang Man of Steel, hindi napapagod. After our long castle walk, he & Wonder Woman (WW) went to the market to buy us an assortment of yummy Japanese food! He is always in service to his family, with a smile pa. #babaingpinagpalangsobrasobra

Tada.. our yummy picnic back at the bnb. May nap pa after to recharge daw my energy. Para tuloy gusto kong magpaiwan nalang kami at ako naman ang magre-reward kay Kap my Kap. ;)) Naughty, naughty!

Kap consoled me & said not to worry since we still have a lot of days ahead to do everything they want & then some. Hay, my hero, whatever will I do without my Kap.

When I saw that the kids can no longer be contained in the apartment, we headed back to Orange Street (closed yesterday for the holiday) where all the High Street, hypebeast wares were sold. I feel like more than the outlet stores, they’d be able to conquer more in this part of town.

The 2 older kids have been lusting over this legendary red LVxSUPREME backpack. Initially it retailed for under 200 grand (peso) nung unang labas palang sa tindahan. Umangal ako, I said it’s too much for just a school bag! Ngayon nagsisisi ako after learning the price from resellers is close to a cool MILLION na (php)! Sana pala nag-hoarding ako to sell after ahuhu.

Walang pagod ang Giblings. I gave up by nightfall & just sat at a booth in a cafe somewhere while they dumped their packages for me to take care of, then went on their merry way without a glance back at their poor old mother! Next trip I will really bring a wheel chair, itulak nalang nila ako. Magang-maga na my feet that my boots won’t even close anymore. Ibang klase mamasyal itong mga kasama ko, hay!

The secret to getting me to walk is by a carrot reward (no stick please -except for Kap’s #palosapwet #50shadesofkap, that one is ok with me HAHAHAHAHA!). Walk a lot, eat a little in between. So I have something to look forward to each step towards the end of the loooong rainbow! :P New York hailed, famous Luke’s Lobster, does not disappoint. Chunky Maine lobster pieces in between soft, buttery bun.

Whenever I reach the end of my limit & they know it’s REALLY the end of the line for me, the giblings find me a decent place to stay where I can have coffee or soda & chill while waiting for them to finish their expedition. This is no small feat ha since most of the cafes are always full (hindi ba nagtatrabaho ang mga Hapon? Bakit parang ang dami nilang nagkalat any time of the day?). Super grateful for these stolen moments. I really cannot keep up with the GOppets no matter how much I try. @_@ This is not an exaggeration, you gotta experience travelling with them to know that I do not kid. Lalo na si WW, superlative grabe ang pagka-conqueror!

They finally came back for me in time for a late gyoza dinner. The gyozas & omurice tasted comfortingly familiar, turned out this is the franchiser of our own Osaka Osho back home in SM Megamall & The Block in SM North Edsa! Kaya naman pala. <3

Osaka is littered with small restos that can seat only 20 people max, kaya lahat ng puntahan namin is always puno! One good thing I learned about the Japanese is they eat & run, hindi tulad dito sa atin na may kwento at pa-kape pa. Sila, after they eat, they leave right away so the wait for a table is somewhat tolerable.

After a long day, comfort food always does it job -it brings comfort. ;) And these hot & tasty dumplings sure did their job, umabot hanggang kaibuturan ng pagkatao ko. ;)

And with that, we merrily went home. Gotta get a good night’s rest, for sure papagurin na naman ako ng mga Goppets bukas. @_@

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    I love your family photo in front of the castle. <3

    February 12, 2018 at 4:17 pm
    • Reply Jane Go

      Thank you Marian!! :-* We miss Osaka!!

      February 12, 2018 at 5:58 pm

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