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#GOsaka2018 Day 2


Oh what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful daaaay! Day 1 in Osaka, but officially Day 2 since we arrived late evening last night. A whole day wasted huhu, but soooo excited to see what treasures JaFUN has in store for us from this day forward! \m/

It’s so fun to dress up in Osaka because the Japanese people are so Kawaii! <3 Add to that, winter season means you get to accessorize! So I bought a couple of cute sweaters, beanies & scarves to use while abroad.

Our first agenda, lunch at Dontonbori -yes, again. Bitin our jaunt last night eh. En route though while walking, Kap pointed out a lively marketplace to our left. The kids google-mapped it & saw it was Top 3 in our GO-saka agenda, and so we detoured & went to the market instead. Our first live market experience in Japan! <3

Kuromon Ichiba is a 600 meter-long market with more or less 170 stalls which offers fish, wagyu meat, fruits, vegetables and other delectable stuff. The market has been called “Osaka’s Kitchen” since it opened in the mid-Taisho Period (1912–1926), and many cooks in Osaka come here to get the ingredients. There are also many restaurants in the market where you can enjoy the Osaka’s local dishes.

Of course when in Japan, Okonomiyaki! Okonomiyaki is a popular pan-fried food that consists of batter and cabbage. Its a Japanese pancake with select toppings and ingredients that can vary greatly from meat and seafood, to wasabi and cheese. This is reflected in the dish’s name; “okonomi” which means “to one’s liking”. The dish is available all over Japan but is most popular in the west, particularly the cities of Hiroshima and Osaka.

I got super excited when I saw these blowfish! I was able to watch a food show on fugu but tbh, I was pretty disappointed with the taste (or lack thereof) when I finally got to try it. Nothing special.

I had more fun with the freshest sushi & sashimi displays available for the picking. <3 I couldn’t decide which ones to get, ang daming halo, at lahat gusto ko! <3

I also had a blast eating strawberries all day err’day!

After gently pushing ourselves around a very busy market on the day of New Year’s Eve (apparently everyone in Osaka was in the market that day!) we settled on a stall selling the Japanese delicacy fugu, or blowfish, which is so poisonous that the smallest mistake in its preparation could be fatal.

The taste is bland (just like our tentacle experience in Korea), it’s more of the texture & the sauce plus the experience I guess, of living on a thin line, that gets you curious to try. Fugu is usually eaten raw, as a sashimi, and cut into very thin slices. Opinion is mixed about the taste; some say it’s a bit like chicken (I don’t see how, hong loyoh ng lasa), but it has a rubbery/gelatinous texture.

Next we sampled the sushi & sashimi on display, beckoning us. Everything in this market is just FRESHNESS, I die! The toro tuna literally MELTS in your mouth, heaven is the best I can describe it. Albeit a bit of the pricey side, this genuine sushi experience has ruined all others for us. We will never look at another sushi back home the same way again. Nevah! They will just pale in comparison.

I don’t normally like going to the market, but this little place of seafood heaven in Japan has turned me into a market-lover. Ang linis at walang amoy, I can come here every single day!

Filled our tummies with other yummy goodness then headed off for some shopping to walk off our baboyness. Coz what else is there to do on vacation except to eat, sleep, shop, see & be merry right? :P

But first, subway tickets to get around Japan (not just Osaka)! ICOCA is a a rechargeable contactless, smart card for JR, Subways, private railways, and buses as well as in the PiTaPa area. ICOCA stands for IC Operating CArd, but it is also a play on the phrase “Iko ka” (行こか), an informal, Kansai dialect invitation meaning “Shall we go?”.

I’ve been wanting a light crossbody travel bag for ages but never really zeroed in on one. I’ve been using my blue Givenchy Pandora, but the thick & sturdy calf leather used is heavy. Bag palang ang bigat na, what more with my million & one paandars. My white Baobao tote is ideal coz it’s made of polyurethane & easy to clean plus super lightweight, but the holes (which I added on my own so I can use as a crossbody bag) of the strap keeps breaking when I put heavy stuff in, so there’s that. All others are either hand or shoulder bags.

For this trip, and without Kap’s inkling, I decided I will buy an Hermes Evelyne. I know I have so many bags in my closet already but a girl’s gotta have what a girl’s gotta have right? Besides, I promised myself I’ll buy bags only when we go out of the country, and out of the country we are -whatta perfect excuse. Now, how to break it gently to Kap! ;))

Ran like crazy to 2 Hermes stores before I found the color I could live with. Got to the 2nd one just as it was closing, whew! Last customer for 2017, do I get a prize??? ;) Would have preferred an Evelyne in Clemence like the previous one I got in Korea, sturdier material. But the store only had one in Epsom -a thinner material, and beggars can’t be choosers right? Hindi ko na pinakawalan as it’s so hard to get a stock in the color & size that you want. This is a GM3.

Actually, Kap had an inkling. He had been dropping lines several weeks before our trip about how I have quite a collection already. “Bibili ka pa ba ng bag sweetheart? Ang dami mo na ah, nakatambak lang.” I just shrug & keep quiet. He has this manipulative way of getting me to do as he says so I direct my eyes & attention from his hyptonic & persuasive tone elsewhere hehe.

The girls, being my kakutchabas & sidekicks, threw their dad off my plan & we quietly snuck away while the boys were busy looking at shoes in Orange Street.

For the fashionistas and those too hipster for mainstream shops, Orange Street is for you. Ito yung tinatawag ng mga bagets na HYPEBEAST. :P Once you enter the large gates that read Tachibana or “Orange Street” you will see that Osaka’s most talented creatives and designers have set up shop here. From the quaint to the chic, Orange Street is home to what feels like an uncountable number of select shops.

Too bad we didn’t get to do this..

Street Go-Kart Tour “Real Life SuperHero Go-Karting” in Osaka.Street Go-Kart Tour “Real Life SuperHero Go-Karting” in Osaka.

Extremely exciting and a must-experience when you visit Osaka Japan. Imagine yourself on a custom made go kart specifically tailored to realize the Real Life SuperHero Go-Karting experience! Dress up in your favorite character costume, playing the music of your choice and driving through the city of Osaka. All eyes on you guaranteed! You can ride with a group or ride privately, MariCAR is fully equipped to make your experience a very fun one indeed.

We were far gone & inside the Hermes store when they realized we were gone. Yep, I was scared AF at baka mapalo ako sa pwet, pero mas nanaig ang pagnanasa at makamundo ko, lol.

I wanted an ultra violet GM Evelyne because it’s the color of 2018 & I wanted a souvenir of my Osaka trip, but the first store only has it in dark pink – parang ang sangsang naman ng pink sa edad ko diba, nagmumurang kamatis lang.

The 2nd thankfully had a black, pwede na rin ang itim coz it’s easier to match with outfits. I didn’t think twice & whipped out my mastercard as the store was actually closing 5 minutes in palang –ang sama na ng tingin sa akin ng mga tindera. Bahala na, kaskas to the max, buy now explain (and sermon) later. ;)

I vibered Kap with a happy picture of me & my bag para hindi magulat when we meet up. Gamit ko na eh, plus ang laki pa ng orange shopping bag. There’s just no way of hiding it from him so parang band-aid, isang gulatan nalang para hindi masyadong masakit. :P 30 minutes & running, walang reply. Kabaritis na me. I vibered my babyson, “Anak kumusta naman ang tatay mo? Naghuhurumentado na ba?” La lang, normal naman daw after reading my message. #Lamna he knows me too well hehe. Whew, ok, I’m safe! :P

All’s well that ends well. Pumayag pa magpa-photo op so lusot na ako. Last purchase of the year I promised him. If you will notice, I said THE YEAR 2017. Eh kinabukasan 2018 na mwahaha. Ano, isa pa ba??

Parang malayo yata ang agwat? Bag vs t-shirt, teehee. Ang kawawa kong asawa, lugi na naman sa misis nya! :)) #werqpamore

This is called the LUXURY STREET located in Shinsaibashi-suji, where I was able to buy a black Evelyne GM3. Famous brand name shops are concentrated in the crossing section of Midosuji and Nagahori Dori. Isinumpa talaga ni Kap itong kalsadang ito! :P Hinding-hindi na daw kami dadaan evar!

At dahil inubos ko daw ang budget namin pang-kain, sa Sukiya lang ang NYE’s dinner namin. Sorry mga anak, pati kayo nadamay tuloy sa parusa ko. ;P Di bale, lahat naman ng kainan sa Japan masarap eh.

Sukiya is a popular chain of restaurants in Japan that specializes in gyudon, donburi (rice toppings) and curry. In fair, masarap their Gyudon ha. Parang hindi lasang punishment HAHAHAHAHA! :P

Bumawi naman si Kap my Kap sa dessert, hindi rin kami natiis. ;)

Ate, our perennial tour guide, did her homework & found out that there’s a new year thingy at the Kita Mido Temple so after lugging our purchases home, showering & resting our tired feet a bit, we headed out once again an hour to midnight & mingled with the locals.

This yearly event is held in a temple located in the middle of Midosuji, and known affectionately as “Kitamido”. The event is famous because all the worshippers have a chance to ring the bell on New Year’s Eve every year. The beautiful sound of Gagaku starts at 23:00 for the service followed by bell ringing. Countdowns is becoming hugely popular in Japan and are becoming a new tradition. Admission is FREE.

For our midnight snack, we ransacked the Family Mart near our apartment & brought home food to share. #pigletsandproud Just a little trivia. Do you know that airbnb was only legalized in Japan last 2016? Prior to that it was a legal grey area. CLICK HERE to read about this info. Mabuti nalang, ang mahal mag-hotel ha!

Life has been unbelievably great these past 2 years. Wishes granted, dreams fulfilled, missions accomplished, achievements unlocked. Sure, there have been hiccups along the way, but the good will always outweigh the bad. Super grateful to God for all the experiences, the travels, the family bonding, and overall good health of loved ones. <3 Thank you fam for making me happier than I ever imagined. YOU are my ultimate dream come true & fervent wish fulfilled.

I pray that 2018 will be equally great, if not greater. Not just for our family, but for yours as well. A blessed, prosperous, happy, and peace-filled 2018 to one & all!

Pahabol. If, like Ate (who has ZERO body fats kaya laging nangingisay) you’re the type of person who gets cold in spite of bundling up, you might want to buy these KAIRO Japanese heat packs -available at drugstores. Kairo are single-use heat packs that you activate (upon exposure to air) when you are ready to use it and they stay hot for at least 8 hours, some brands up to 15 hours. You activate, stick them into your inner pockets to keep your hands warm when kept inside, or attach to your clothing such as an undershirt to provide heat around the body core and lumbar area (somewhere between 40-65 degrees Celsius). NOTE: DO NOT PUT DIRECTLY ON THE SKIN!) Ate said they are extremely toasty and comfortable to use. She had to use several in different body parts though, as a patch heats only a specific targeted area. These can also be used for heating up sore parts of the body like tense muscles, back aches and neck aches. Again, do not put directly on the skin. If you are travelling soon & need to buy these, you can order them through AMAZON (CLICK HERE) but soooo much cheaper in Japan (294 yen only per bundle, grabe!)

And that’s about it, there isn’t any more. :)

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      Sabi nga ng mga seesters mo they are getting fat from all the eating. Sabi ko hello pa-nganga palang nga kayo nabu-burn na agad dahil sa sobrang lakad na ginagawa namin hahaha! ;P

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