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Pugad GOppets Update – February

At the start of the year, instead of resolutions which I’d probably certainly fail to follow through anyway, I listed down my hopes & dreams for each month of the year. Do you remember my January goals? :)

“January – January will be so exciting (and at the same time nerve-wracking & tension-filled) because THIS IS IT PANSIT! Renovations for the bedrooms & bathrooms in our new home will finally start. Umpisa na ng away at bangayan, aguy! Kap will be super sungit the whole month through for sure kasi puro gastos na. So there will be some serious belt-tightening this year. KIDS. ARE YOU READY??? Wala munang shopping!”

Well, I couldn’t have hoped for anything better. Aba, hindi nagsungit si Kap my Kap sa mga gastusin! <3 He was very positive, supportive, and accepting of all our nakakawindang & high fallutin’ requests haha.


Apart from some cleaning, there was really nothing major to be done on the ground floor. It’s the bedrooms that needed the beautification project since the kids (AND I) had specific requirements. Their taste falls more on industrial/modern so Kap had to tear down some walls, cabinets & floors to give them what they want. Kap(intero) is really our HERO! <3 We are so blessed.


PicMonkey Collage1

I have a fascination with chandies! <3 I left my old ones where they are for my Babyson, so I had to buy new ones for the current abode. I was nervous how I was going to explain this purchase to Kap hehe but..



It turned out fine. ;) Konting sermon lang okay na uli. I must admit.. it was love at first light! Ilaw lang ang iibigin walang iba.



Luckily this 4-pc set in various sizes was readily available at the store (and more importantly, fit my budget!) so my living & dining lamps matched the big one in the staircase as well. I can’t be any happier with my choice! Ayan, look-up talaga ang drama ko while eating hahaha!


PicMonkey Collage

Hands-on Kap made me a pull-out shoe & bag cabinet (Ayan, 18 lang ang designer bag capacity. Hindi na daw ako pwedeng sumobra sa bilang!) He doesn’t look at magazines so I really don’t know how he comes up with these ideas. But I am one thrilled pig. Oink!




Even the bathrooms are getting revamped. Of bathroom convos & toilet humor. Trying it out for size. Oh guys, you (butt)crack me up!



Meanwhile, my Lovey fell in love with a dreamy brass bed from Pottery Barn. I bought it as a Christmas gift & they can only store big purchases for 1 month. So boo! Even though her room still wasn’t finished, I had to accept the delivery. We will just have to work around it I guess.



Fit for a princess. My princess. <3


PicMonkey Collage2


Ang bilis ng panahon. It is now February at the blink of an eye. Grabe!

“February – My birth month! By end of February, and God willing of course, I hope we have already moved into our new abode. It’s gonna take some getting used to, after having lived in our home sweet home & true comfort zone for 18 years. I can roam the grounds with my eyes closed & still know every corner & obstacle. When we finally change residence, if I sleep-walk, gugulong akong pababa sa hagdan, sa labas na ako ng bahay pupulutin! In a way, it’s kinda sad to leave the home that has been witness to so many memories all these years. But it’s also exciting to make new ones -now with my mom (and her entourage) in tow.”

Let’s see if any of my plans for February pushes through. I was hoping to be able to move in by mid to late Feb, but there are just too many custom-made things going on that I’m worried we won’t finish everything in time for my birthday transfer & thanksgiving party ahuhuhu.

But as long as the result comes out wonderful (which I’m sure it will, with my dear Kap at the helm), I’m ok with the wait. Que sera sera, what will be, will be. Will update you again next month. I hope everything comes up roses! ;)


Thank you contractor Kap for bringing life & light into my otherwise boring & dark world. I love you so much it hurts! :-*

PicMonkey Collage

PS: Ito nalang for my dressing room honey. Last na, pramis. Solb na ako after hehehe! ;) #AmbisyosaProblemz

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