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Good Neighbors & Celebrations

I love living in my village. Every corner is just beautiful. So tranquil & serene, clean & green. Everything I have ever wanted my home to be situated in. But living in an elite village also has its price.

We have been residents for more than 20 years & yet we only know a handful of neighbors because everyone keeps mostly to himself & protects the privacy. Which is good in a way, albeit not neighborly. And in cases where we are lucky enough toΒ make friends, getting acquainted is not of our own doing. They happen to be parents of our children’s friends or classmates. Good thing we have 3 kids! :P

Which brings me to my next point, when you do find good neighbors who turn out be your best friends, keep them in a box & throw away the key. Never let them go. Not literally of course, but you get the idea. :)

2 such friends just celebrated their birthdays simultaneously, and we are thankful for the gift of their friendship. We are thankful that in a “room full of different people”, we have found our match.

Jovic & Mae

Jovic & Mae are parents of Ate’s friend Miggy, who was her ka-loveteam in her debut video, and who also served as the emcee in her 18th birthday party. CLICK HERE TO READ. They live right across our house & are often our source of all things lacking in our pantry! The GOppets LOVE the Garcias! <3

Read: Behind the scenes!

Jovic celebrated his 50th birthday with a big bang at Acacia Hotel & we were invited to join in the celebration before February came to an end. We of course, would never let it pass. Even if it meant we had to divide our time to get to another friend’s birthday celebration.

PicMonkey Collage

The theme was GREAT GATSBY. I was excited to dress up accordingly but we had to tame it down several notches as we were going to another more informal birthday party right after. It was a lagare kind of night. ;)



Mae doesn’t do subtle. :) Being the loving & thoughtful wife that she is, she made sure that Jovic’s birthday celebration was a night to remember. And indeed it was!




PicMonkey Collage2

As is with most of their parties be it in or outside their home, food & drinks were overflowing. It was hard to leave the party, I’m telling you.



You can tell how well-liked Jovic is by the number his friends did. It was a funny yet touching moment. He was serenaded & roasted, intimating what kind of a friend he truly is.



The lovely Garcia family. The GOppets couldn’t have asked for a better neighbor. CHEERS!


PicMonkey Collage3

All the Garcia children re talented & Musically inclined. They love music so much that they even have a recording studio at home. Jovic & Mae are the type of parents who support their children’s passion wholeheartedly. Amazing parents raise amazing children. <3


PicMonkey Collage6

Not only are the Gracias warm & friendly, they are a funny bunch too. See the 2 chuwariwap boys ham it up while their parents danced.

Sheila & Noy

Sheila & Noy are also parents of Ate’s friends. We are so grateful to our kids for enriching our social lives! :P Sheila is the producer for SUNDALONG KANIN which I have posted here in SSEN. CLICK HERE TO READ.

Sheila is also another lady who doesn’t do anything half way. She either goes ALL OUT or not at all! CLICK HERE to watch her daughter’s FUN & FAB, star-studded 18th birthday party. It’s heart-warming how they are always in all our occasions as we are in theirs. We have become more family than friends. <3

Sheila also celebrated her birthday as the clock struck 12 signalling the end of the love month. Maybe it’s because we both share the same birth month that we get along so well. Or maybe it’s because our kids are tied together which is why we get famously along. Their 3 kids are the same age as ours. All I know is, we click. Our friendship works. That’s what matters.


A bit farther down the road from us, the short distance doesn’t stop our friendship from blossoming. <3 And our girls from hanging out.


PicMonkey Collage01

Sheila & Noy are the hippest, most “IN” parents I know. They are BFFs to their 3 girls and they go everywhere together too! <3


PicMonkey Collage2

Like I said. Fab all the way. Notice my wine bottle? BOTTEGA lang naman. And it was right by my side the whole night! KKB kami, kanya-kanyang bote! Overwhelming food & drinks for all the guests too. My tummy was stretched beyond its limit. :P


PicMonkey Collage5

The fantastic spread was catered by no less than another good neighbor & friend..Neil & Michelle Ramos ofΒ NEILS KITCHEN!



I just have to say, this perfectly cooked ROAST BEEF is INCREDIBLE! I had THREE servings! @_@ Call NEIL’s KITCHEN AT 0928-5247404 & 0916-4223584 for this Black Angus Rib Eye Roast Beef with mashed potatoes, blue cheese & gravy P2,800/ kilogram min of 4 kgs.


PicMonkey Collage10

Alas, the time we’ve been waiting for. The coming of Gabby!!! The blowing of candles! ;)


PicMonkey Collage7

OMG FAN MODE ON! Kinilig ako bigla. But just one glance from Kap, my heart melted. <3 Always & forever ikaw pa rin Kap ang tanging makakapagpatibok ng akin puso. Wala nang iba! :)



So I just ate cake. Lots & lots of cake! :P



With the gorgeous power ladies..




And the handsome men! <3 All rights reserved on the hunk of a man in black. ;)




I love you super friendship! May you continue to shine in everything that you set your heart & mind to do! :-*


Thank you Jovic & Mae, Sheila & Noy, for lending me a cup of sugar when I need it. For watching over our house when we are away. For sending us little gifts now & then to show you care. For being careful to set friendly boundaries & not being nosey. Giving us space when we need it, but also welcoming us with open arms when we need a good talk. You guys are, hands down, the BEST NEIGHBORS EVER! <3Β If we never leave the hood, it’s gonna be because of you guys! :-*

Happy Birthday, and may your tribe increase!

How to be a Good Neighbor

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