Good Chops! (Plugging)

Went to china town today for lunch with good friends (& business partners). We never seem to tire of peking duck in Wai-ying even though it’s so far far, far away! @_@

Steamed wanton balls
My yummy duck rice topping!
My hunny’s mixed duck/white chicken rice topping

With our good friends & business partners Toby & Monsy <3

Then went to World Trade Center to make usi the latest in food trend & equipments, and also see if we can get sources for our meat shop.

Of course, photo op at the entrance of the food fair :P
Wine seminar which I didn’t catch, unfortunately! :(
My hunny making usi about cooling systems for our meat shop! :P
Checking out prices of processed meats. Gotta be on top of our game! ;)
I think I may have A.D.D.! :P I get easily distracted!
My nose led me to this stall selling coffee beans and cappuccino makers. I want I want!!! @_@
Fell in love with all these (iced coffee)  flavors!!! 3k/pack. What to choose???
280k for this cappuccino maker. I’m good with the small one, thank you! ;P
The nice barista made us samples! <3
My hunny enjoys his with a dash of chocolate syrup. Just plain for me, thanks! :)
Notice my hunny’s huge smile.. FREE COFFEE duh! :P
Another distraction, I swear!!!
I love love love this table setting!!! <3
and also this one!
Don’t you thinjk it’s a nice outdoor setting for a breakfast or late afternoon reception?
Argh!!! So many distractions.. so little time!!! @_@
Cotton candy & popcorn machine = L-O-V-E!!!
I wanted these!!! But kapitan Kunat kept a close watch. Had to BEHAVE!!!! @_@
OMG!!! BAGNEEEETTTTTT & longganisa!!! <3 <3 <3
I could feel my cholesterol level rising!
And just look at these lovely suman!!!
I loved the latik flavor (nom nom nom!)
Finally caught up with them for the real purpose of our visit, mwahaha!!! ;P
Checking on meat prices & resources for our meat shop.
(Have to stay focused.. Can not stray anymore!!!)
Finally found another potential supplier!! Wagyu beef, be still my heart! <3
2k for this small piece!!! @_@ WAGYU kidding???

Kapitan Kunat checking the beef. As if naman you will let me eat that!!! @_@

A whole slab of wagyu beef.. the amount equivalent to our kids’ tuition na!!! @_@

But WAIT!!! I’m forgetting about the MOST important part of this blog!!! :P The plugging of our meat shop!!! ;))

Very clean.. & GREEN (metaphorical & literal! ;P)
We can do any cut!
And we now have FRESH tuna panga & sashimi! :)

Roundabout way, I know. But I did get to the point! ;P

Good Chops. We DELIVER. So please place your orders now! :)

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