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#GOlobe30tting Day 10

Day 10

Our last whole day in London with Ate. How time just flew by. It’s been 10 days, 20 days left of our euro adventure boohoo!

..kahit pa araw-arawin mo! <3 Will miss you. But I know you’ve got priorities. So proud of the strong, independent, fearless woman you have become. See you very soon my love.

No matter what we do, we can never seem to leave the house early hehe. Ate is quite frustrated because she won’t be back in London anymore so she won’t get to see the other sights we’ll be enjoying.

But with 1 bathroom for all 5 of us it’s really quite a challenge trying to get out of the house fast. Syempre lahat naliligo & doing other business. Plus Kap tries to save money by cooking us breakfast, teehee. So we only eat out for lunch & dinner. Umatake na naman ang sakit nyang “kabaratanis et gastusis”. :P


Kai’s first time to cook us brekky EVAR! ;)) Mabubuhay naman pala kami kahit walang household angels at sa bang bansa pa! At! In fair, masarap ang itlog at hotdog ni Kap (LOL!)


Grateful to my uncle Jeff & his wife Sheila for all the groceries they brought over last night. Baka kung saang kangkungan na kami pinulot if not for their kindness & generosity. They are just the sweetest! <3 I love them to bits! Busog-lusog lagi ang mga GOppets. Uncle Jeff, if you don’t know it yet, is my dad’s youngest brother.

Last night while I was asleep, dead tired in the car, Ate already took in as many touristy spots as she can while her dad drove us around. Kensington, Hyde Park, Electic Cinema, Churchhill Arms, St. Albert Hall, Tower bridge at night, Harrod’s at night (open until 9pm only so it was already closed when we got there). Oh yes, lahat yan tinulugan ko lang sa kotse, wahaha. Tulo-laway and all. Masyadong na-trauma ang katawan ko with all the walking & movement, bumagsak! :P


So today only the minor stuff was left for us to see. The kids didn’t want to see the museums so we just browsed over the shops of Harry Potter & Sherlock Holmes. Masyadong makain sa oras if we take in all the touristy things. Yung pila palang just to get these shots, 1 hour na mahigit, grabe.

Harry Potter Store. The Harry Potter shop at 9 3/4 King’s Cross Station (yes smack right in the train station! How cool is that??) is not to be confused with the Harry Potter Studio Tour in Leavesden. If we have time, we might go back for that when we return to London in a couple of days. Last I checked online though all the tour is booked solid.


Picture-taking is free, or if you want to buy the photo they take of you, it is available at the gift shop. 1 photo is 9.50 euros, 2 photos at 15 euros, and 3 photos at 20 euros.


There’s a long wait though. The line isn’t crazy long but it’s the photo session & the jumping, and the wardrobe that takes some time. They will provide you with a wand & a scarf of your preferred house color.


It’s a 1-hour pila just for a quick couple-of-seconds-shot. But hey, you can’t go to London & not have a photo op at Platform 9 3/4 right? Magagalit si Hagrid!;P


I love the goofy GOppets! <3 Never a dull moment.


I wanted a Dobie doll but Kap gave me a resounding no. Baka daw paglihian ko pa hehehe.


If there is one thing & only one thing you can buy, I’d say go for this certificate. Super cute! \m/

Sherlock Holmes’ Store. Found at Baker Street, it’s the same place for the shop & the museum. Book online to get tickets.

Sherlock Holmes is a fictional private detective created by British author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Known as a “consulting detective” in the stories, Holmes is known for a proficiency with observation, forensic science, and logical reasoning that borders on the fantastic, which he employs when investigating cases for a wide variety of clients, including Scotland Yard.


The kids are not very interested in Sherlock Holmes so we didn’t buy the museum tickets anymore. They were quite happy with just browsing & buying souvenirs.


Ate has a curious mind & she absorbs art, culture, history, and anything & everything else her brilliant mind can handle. I enjoy watching her from the sidelines as she explores. She really appreciates every moment. <3


The curio shop store sells everything Sherlock.


Like these chocolate lollies.

Baker Street. Baker Street is a street in the Marylebone district of the City of Westminster in London. It is named after builder William Baker, who laid the street out in the 18th century. The street is most famous for its connection to the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes, who lived at a fictional 221B Baker Street address. The area was originally high class residential, but now is mainly occupied by commercial premises.


Baker Street is a busy thoroughfare. At the junction with Wigmore Street, Baker Street turns into Orchard Street, which ends when it meets with Oxford Street. After Portman Square the road continues as Orchard Street where little shops occupy space.


The street is served by the London Underground by Baker Street tube station.


It is also where you can find the London Beatles Store. Too bad we didn’t get to go as a family at Abbey Road. Maybe we can cross the street when we go back. Abbey Road is where the iconic photograph on the Beatles’ album cover was taken – on the zebra crossing near the entrance to the studios in London NW8 in August 1969.

When we can, we grab lunch & eat it on the go towards the next destination. Ganyan ka-hectic ang schedule ni Kap at Ate, grabe! @_@ Mga suundalo!


Passed by a sushi joint & hurriedly grabbed severel packed lunches on our way to another destination.


No time to waste! :P

The kids went gaga over Madame Tussaud’s & didn’t let the opportunity pass. The last time Kap & I went puro bowring ang mga wax display. Royalty, prime minister, konting artista. Today mas bongga na ang wax displays, with 2 rides included. Pasado na kay Kap even though initially he wanted us to just wait for the kids outside. Madalas-dalas na syang atakihin ng sakit nya ngayon napansin ko habang papalapit ang paguwi namin at pagbayad nya ng bills, mwahaha!



Buy online & save some money. 23 euros only online as opposed to 33 euros in the ticketing booth. CLICK HERE. Tickets cost for 5 adults: Around 1.2k php each.


Nerd talaga itong si Ate. She only took ONE photo with a wax figure, si Einstein pa talaga ang napili nya. ;)) Meanwhile, napaghahalata itong dalawa, lol!


Hmmnnnn. may ganon???


Aba at may ganyan pa???


Sige, makaganti nga. Oh Shrek my beloved!!! :P


What a surprise treat! A free ride included..


..and a 4-D short movie included. Enough time to rest our weary bodies, and feet!


Passed by Covent Garden on our route home, bumaba saglit for peechure-peechure. This is one place we will definitely visit again when we come back! <3


Covent Garden in London’s West End is a popular destination for visitors and Londoners who enjoy shopping, theatre, restaurants, bars, history and culture. Geographically, Covent Garden is located in Central London, bordered by the City of London and Leicester Square. It is within walking distance of Soho, the river Thames and Trafalgar Square.


There are several smaller areas within Covent Garden that are worth exploring such as the traffic-free Covent Garden market piazza, The Opera Quarter, St Martin’s Courtyard, Seven Dials, Neal’s Yard, and Floral Street.


Everything in London is so fresh, AND GIANT! Just look at that watermelon! Malaki pa sa mukha ni Kap hehe.


There are many shows to see in Covent Garden’s theatres. From West End musicals to classic plays and comedies, there is a wide range of staged entertainment in the area. Some of the more famous shows and theatres include: The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre, Stomp at the Ambassadors Theatre, Matilda the Musical at the Cambridge Theatre, The Woman in Black at Fortune Theatre, War Horse at The New London Theatre, and Funny Girl at the Savoy Theatre.


Napadaan nalang nga, nakabili pa si Ate ng Cambridge Satchel for school bag. Yan ang certified shoppingera! ;))

For dinner, my uncle treated us to an original brit supper of fish & chips. Yum! It’s not enough that they lent us a car, took us around & bought us groceries, hala, pinakain pa kami! <3 I don’t think he knows what he’s in for with the hungry GOppets, trololol! ;))


We were supposed to eat at a local pub so we can have a true feel of London at night. But we got too engrossed in packing for our trip the next day that we totally lost track of time. By the time we got to their home sweet home, all the pubs were closed hehe. Good thing they thought ahead & got us take-outs. Sweetness overload! <3

Leaving for Brussels & Amsterdam tomorrow afternoon. But we will be back to London for another 6 days after since Kap cancelled our trips to Czech, Austria & Germany kasi nga mahal ang transpo. Hay naku Kap my Kap. Ipa-aalbularyo kita ha!


Ayan, hindi namin alam plano mapagkakasya ang mga dalang damit at mga bagong pinamili nang hindi mag-excess baggage. 10 DAYS IN people!!! @_@

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