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#GOlobe30tting Day 30 – Home Sweet Home!

Day 30

Alas, our journey has come to an end. Years of build up to this big trip, and now it’s over. Huhu, just like that, one whole month of walking ’til we couldn’t walk no more, tours, food tripping, bonding, silly fights, stressing over little things, sightseeing, learning.. finito. This is definitely the BEST trip ever & I have a major hangover.

But I’m getting ahead of the story again. Before the happy reunion, our trip home..


Eto ang totoong parusa. CUSTOMS! :P Because of the obscene amount of purchases we made, 3 hours ang pila to apply for a tax refund. The price we had to pay for over-shopping hehe.


Pagoda. Zoning out & oblivious to the world after a hot bowl of noodles at our layer in HK. I’m so glad my hunny had the forethought of bringing my pulmoaide along. Inabot ako ng grabeng hika. I had to nebulize on & off the last week of our trip.


The best surprise ever! <3 She was supposed to be in school but she came to pick up up. Happiness!


I have missed this girl so. Now we are finally COMPLETE. Yay!


Guess who else is very very happy that her fan is back. Lelly! <3

I have to give credit were credit is due. Our adventure wouldn’t have been as lovely & as exciting if it weren’t for Ate. <3 Thank you so much Ate for making our packed itinerary, booking our Air B&B accommodations, basically for putting your heart & soul into this trip. It is very special because you made it a trip to remember.

You reviewed each city & looked for the best, nicest, and most interesting places to visit -even at your busiest. All of us were already in bed asleep, and yet you kept going after doing your homework.

Please know how much all of us truly appreciate you! <3 A job very well done, my sweetheart!



Another heartfelt thanks to our adorbs baby, who is not so baby when it comes to her assisting duties. What her Ate couldn’t finish, or needed help with, she stepped in & did an amazing job! And she booked all our transportation needs -both air & land.

She took charge of all the paperwork & passports too, as well as the filling up of entry & exit arrival cards & whatever else needed data encoding. She made my job as a mom easy peasy by unloading me of my duties & sharing in the burden. Grabe ang laking tulong talaga. She was also my lazy buddy hehe. Whenever I got too tired to do anything else & just wanted to veg, she stayed with me & kept me company. Thank you my Bae. :-*

Of course, my Babyson who was the right-hand man of Kap. Taga-buhat, taga-maneho, taga-google map, taga-scout. He got us to places & pushed us to get our assess off the comforts of our chairs & walk, walk, walk! Especially after Ate’s absence at umandar na ang katamaran namin.

Kap has always wanted a son, and our not-so-little man sure came in handy. ;) I don’t know how we would have managed if Kap was the only thorn among 3 delicate roses na walang silbi when it comes to roughing it. :P Na-hernia na siguro sya hahaha.

Last but not the least, the Kapitan of my heart & soul. <3 He has always been maalaga at home, but away, his need to serve & protect us intensifies. We felt the love every minute of every day with his constant care. We were truly spoiled rotten.

Our adventure was made memorable, fun, exciting, happy, and entertaining because of my GOppets. Best travel buddies anyone could ever have.

I hope you guys enjoyed our travelogue. ‘Til our next adventure (hopefully soon!) :-*

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